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Botox Reversal May Soon Be Possible

Researchers in America have made a breakthrough discovery which suggests botox reversal may soon be possible.

The team from Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, published their findings in the Science Translational Medicine journal on 6 January 2021.

Harnessing botulinum toxins to reverse botox


The mouse-model study showed how a modified, detoxified botulinum toxin could efficiently target nerve cells. When using it as a carrier, the toxin could then deliver a miniature antibody into these cells.

This active drug, developed by study co-author Charles Shoemaker of Tufts University, was seen to reverse paralysis in mice. It neutralised botulinum toxin type A and botulinum toxin type B simultaneously.

Further details regarding the trial were made available on the Boston Children’s Hospital website, including a few words from corresponding author Min Dong, a researcher in the hospital’s Department of Urology.

“What we have developed is the first therapy that can eliminate toxins after they get inside neurons,” Dong says.

“We can potentially inject our therapeutic protein and get rid of botox in neurons and paralysis within a few hours.”

The next step is for clinical trials to begin in humans, with the hope being that they bear out the results seen in animal testing.

No substitute for safe practice

Despite it being early days in its clinical development, having a means to reverse botox on the horizon is fantastic news for injectors.

“Unlike with hyaluronic acid fillers, we don’t have a reversal agent for botulinum toxins. Some of the most distressing complications that can occur with injectables are due to unwanted heaviness after toxin – particularly eyebrow and eyelid ptosis,” notes Harley Academy founder and CEO, Dr Tristan Mehta.

“It would be a real game-changer to be able to target areas which have been overtreated. However, as with fillers, having a reversal agent is no substitute for practicing safely at all times and assessing our patients thoroughly.”

Becoming a safe and effective injector


One of the biggest hurdles injectors face when starting out in aesthetics is building up their confidence. This is one of the reasons we staunchly advocate for full aesthetic medicine training as opposed to going straight into practice after a one day course.

A Level 7 Diploma in Injectables provides thorough groundings in everything you need to know to be a successful aesthetics practitioner, handling botox and fillers.

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Our rigorous approach to safe, patient-led aesthetics offers the opportunity for doctors, dentists and nurses to really develop their confidence alongside their knowledge and injecting skills. For those who feel they could benefit from further one-on-one attention, additional 1:1 injectables training sessions are readily available – COVID restrictions, permitting.

On the subject of COVID, you can start working towards achieving a Level 7 qualification during lockdown, thanks to our eLearning option. This allows you to complete the theory-based elements of the course, covering all the fundamentals, at your own pace. Once in-clinic education resumes after lockdown, you can then choose to upgrade to the full Level 7 Diploma option and join us to begin your hands-on learning.

So, although we will need to wait for a botox reversal agent to become widely available, you can start your journey towards aesthetics excellence today!

Last fact-checked: 20 January 2023