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Posted 1st Feb 2024

Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber

Natalie Haswell

From NHS nurse to successful aesthetic nurse prescriber, Natalie Haswell is an expert in medical aesthetics.

A senior clinical trainer with over seven years of experience in aesthetic medicine, Natalie has an extensive background in the speciality. This includes being an Allergan faculty member and the founder of Haswell Aesthetics in Colchester, Essex, UK. She is a Harley Academy Level 7 graduate and regularly speaks at industry events including the BACN Conference and CCR.

We’re often asked why and how nurses may benefit from a career in aesthetics. Natalie has already shared details of her journey and tips for setting up your own aesthetics practice.

Here she goes deeper into the time-management skills and benefits of becoming an aesthetic nurse practitioner.

Natalie Haswell RGN How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Getting a better work/life balance

With her wide-ranging commitments, we asked Natalie how she fits everything in. “It can be difficult to manage it all!” she says. “But I have planners and an amazing personal assistant. I find meal prepping always helps too!”

She notes, “Although I don’t always get the time that I want, my work/life balance is much better than when I worked in the NHS. I can work when I want to and I get to spend more time with my children and partner.

“I also make more money – not a huge amount – but it’s worth it, being your own boss.”

Finding the time to complete your aesthetics training

Natalie explains, “I’m a registered general nurse and I’ve been a nurse since 2005. I’ve got a lot of experience from community to hospital nursing, surgery and ENT.”

She trained at Angela Ruskin and Essex Universities before completing her Level 7 in Injectables as one of the very first Harley Academy students.

“I know that it can be difficult to have a job in the NHS and start managing your own private aesthetics clinic while training, all at the same time, but it can be done!”

“The difference is that you need to want to do it! It’s going to be hard work but it’ll be worth it. If you understand that in the beginning, then there’s no reason why you won’t be successful”, she adds.

“Going into the medical aesthetics industry can be hard. However, if you enjoy what you do and you are passionate about treating patients effectively and safely then you’ll do well. It can also be time-consuming but with the right support and training, it can be achieved”, Natalie assures.

Natalie Haswell RGN How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Benefits of being an aesthetic nurse prescriber

Natalie explains that there are many benefits to being an aesthetic nurse prescriber. In particular, she notes, “it does make your life and your patient’s lives much easier.

“This is because you have that advanced experience, knowledge and qualifications around medications, contraindications, side effects and complications regarding your aesthetics practice.

“It also means that you don’t have to outsource unless you want a second opinion from other medical professionals. Furthermore, you can manage your patients, support them and be available to them independently.”

Being a prescribing nurse when training in aesthetics

“I was lucky in that I was a prescriber before I came into aesthetics. I already had that background and experience. Since then I’ve mentored others to become aesthetic nurse prescribers.

“It can be quite easy to become a prescriber in aesthetics if you're organised and manage your clients well. The nurses I’ve trained have said it becomes easier once they can prescribe and support their patients”, Natalie states.

Did you know?

Training as a prescriber will give you more freedom in your aesthetics career. All eligible Harley Academy Level 7 graduates are welcomed onto the University of the West of England V300 Prescribing Course.

You can complete your V300 either before or after you complete your aesthetic medicine training. However, most universities prefer you to hold a Level 7 qualification in injectables as part of the entry criteria.

Clinical trainer, Shantel Noble, RGN - also an aesthetic nurse prescriber and Harley Academy Level 7 graduate - has previously detailed her experience of undertaking her V300 prescribing course.

Natalie Haswell RGN How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Ask for support in your medical aesthetics training

Natalie urges, “If you’re considering going into aesthetic medicine, but feel overwhelmed or like you’re too thinly stretched, then please wait!”

“There's no rush, you can take time to do an aesthetics qualification at Harley Academy. But equally, you don't want to take too long to complete your course. Then it becomes even more difficult, so balance your life.

“Work out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to make time for the qualification. Also, have a chat with our Course Advisors to find out how much time you need to invest to be successful.

“We can't ever give you an exact amount of time but we can offer you a rough guide. Try to organise your time by time-blocking each week and create a plan of action”, Natalie advises.

Time-managing tips for cosmetic nurses

Starting a business in medical aesthetics requires a particular mindset, time, organisation and certain considerations.

“A business plan really helped me out when I started and continues to today. I review it yearly”, Natalie shares.

“As time goes on and your business grows, you’ll realise that you can’t do everything! For example, I’m not very good at doing accounts or managing social media, so I employ people who can. I wasn’t very good at my website either so I got someone to help me.”

She notes, “Outsourcing can be costly. However, compared to your time, where your expertise lies in-clinic and treating patients, you'll find that it’s much more effective. So decide where you can ask someone to help.

“Also, getting your children to help with the chores at home is helpful too!”

Becoming an aesthetic nurse practitioner on your terms

At Harley Academy, we understand that getting started in aesthetic medicine can feel overwhelming. There can be a lot of juggling involved, between NHS work, starting to acquire your first injectables patients and your personal life - as well as fitting in your training!

Our Course Advisors are dedicated to helping you find the best medical aesthetics training course for your specific situation and goals. Additionally, our Student Support team is committed to assisting each trainee to get the best out of their educational experience.

For example, on our popular Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers course, the initial eLearning portion can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Many of our Observation Days are also conducted through remote online interactive sessions.

Our Student Support team will work closely with you to find dates for any practical in-person sessions, such as your one-to-one mentoring sessions, that work best for you. This ensures you can manage your time more effectively.

Book a complimentary consultation with one of our Course Advisors to get started. They’ll help you find the right training pathway with your aesthetics career goals in mind.

All information correct at the time of publication

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