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Posted 2nd Jan 2024

Anaesthetist to Aesthetics Practitioner, Dr Anelia Hinova

TOP BOX Level 7 Diploma Botox Dermal Fillers Graduate Testimonial

From anaesthetist to aesthetics practitioner, Dr Anelia Hinova sat down with us to share her Level 7 diploma experience.

A Harley Academy graduate, Dr Anelia is a consultant anaesthetist by background. Prior to her aesthetic medicine journey, she worked in the NHS for over 15 years.

Following the successful completion of her Combined Level 7 course, she's now embarking on a full-time career in medical aesthetics.

Your first experience of Harley Academy was our Foundation Training in Botox & Dermal Fillers. How did you find it?

“I was really impressed with how structured and professional they were at the Foundation course, so I decided to follow it on with the Level 7. I also have done the cosmetic dermatology one together with the Level 7.”

How did you find your Level 7 injectables training with us?

“Fantastic. I've been both challenged and supported at the same time. All the trainers have been great.

“It has been a fantastic career change for me. It's something that I am pursuing 100% now simply because I just find the work interesting and challenging… after a number of years in the NHS having been a consultant anaesthetist working in surgery… I find this is a really nice, natural follow-on and a build-up on top of my clinical experience.

“Plus a very wise work/life balance. I found every single trainer... every single person that has done my mentoring sessions… the girls at reception, super friendly.

“I'm now about to start the Harley Scholarship, for which I'm very happy, and I'm very much looking forward to. So, all in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend Harley Academy. Very professional.

“I believe that their vision completely coincides with my vision, ie. aesthetic medicine should have 'medicine' in its name.

“It isn't just a practice, it isn't just the injecting. It's the knowledge and the science behind it.”

Cosmetic Doctor Anelia Hinova Combined Level 7 Diploma Botox Dermal Fillers Injectables Cosmetic Dermatology Testimonial

What did you enjoy most about your Combined Level 7 course?

“What I enjoyed the most was the build-on to my already existing clinical knowledge and injecting skills.

“As an anaesthetist, I've found learning the skills of subtle rejuvenation and improving patients' and people's self-image incredibly rewarding.

“It's also very nice for me to be challenged at this stage - to actually learn a completely new skill - and still using my old clinical knowledge.”

How confident were you as an aesthetics practitioner before your Level 7 training, compared to after having completed it?

“I'm a creature of rules. So I would not dare treat anybody, inject into anyone, despite the fact that I'm a very experienced doctor, unless I have the proper training.

“So, I didn't treat anybody clinically, until at least the beginning of my mentoring sessions at Harley Academy.

“Now, the truth is, I started very soon after. So, I started injecting people, simply because I gained confidence quite quickly.

“18 months ago when I actually came back to the UK from having lived abroad - I lived in Qatar for work for about five years… As I said, I hadn't injected anyone well, not in the face anyway. So I had very little confidence in that area and now I do a lot of mid-face, I do a lot of upper face. I do toxins, I do necks and I'm really looking forward to advancing my skills. So I am actually quite confident.”

Cosmetic Doctor Anelia Hinova Combined Level 7 Diploma Botox Dermal Fillers Injectables Cosmetic Dermatology Testimonial

What’s the best advice you received during your Level 7 aesthetics training with us?

“Safety aspects over any financial interests. I practise ethical medicine, whether it's surgery, whether it's cardiology, whether it's facial medicine. Being ethical is at the forefront. Being safe and less is more.”

Why did you decide to do your aesthetics training with Harley Academy?

“Completely honestly, Harley Academy? I stumbled across them online. I knew nothing about them. It was a leap of faith. I did the Foundation Training.”

“I found the Foundation course informative but it really just scratches the surface. If you want to call yourself a competent practitioner, you do need to go well beyond the surface - just like the face has got at least five layers, some may say seven - so the Foundation course does just that. It gives you an overview.

“What I would recommend to people thinking about taking up aesthetic medicine is to try the Foundation course. You will know whether this is for you, or it isn't. But the Foundation course wouldn't be enough.

“Follow it on. Become a competent practitioner and you will feel good and you will deliver good patient results. And, yes, I would recommend Harley Academy, wholeheartedly.”

Cosmetic Doctor Anelia Hinova  Combined Level 7 Diploma Botox Dermal Fillers Injectables Cosmetic Dermatology Testimonial

Considering transitioning your medical career to aesthetics?

If you’re looking for more creativity and freedom from your medical career, consider how aesthetic medicine could work for you. Whether as a new start or to supplement your NHS income, aesthetics is an exciting and rewarding medical field.

Wherever you are in your aesthetics journey, the Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Filler will enable you to become a safe, ethical and employable practitioner. Here are a few different next steps...

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