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Posted 14th Dec 2023

Administering Lip Filler When a Scar is Present

TOP BOX How to Inject Lip Filler When a Scar is Present

Administering lip filler when a scar is present can be a challenge to even the most experienced aesthetics practitioners. However, having the knowledge, confidence and experience to do so ensures you can effectively treat and manage the patient’s concerns.

Dr Laura Geige, Harley Academy Clinical Trainer and aesthetic medicine specialist, gives her professional advice on:

  • Treating lip filler patients when a scar is present
  • The best treatment approach to ensure the desired aesthetic results
  • The dos and don’ts of injecting lip filler in scarred lips.
How to Inject Lip Filler When a Scar is Present

Guidance on treating lip filler patients when a scar is present

Needle vs cannula

Dr Laura recommends aesthetics practitioners use a needle when administering lip filler when a scar is present. “A needle allows for greater precision, making it easier to navigate through skin tissue.

She explains that a needle, “is considered to be preferable when working near or through a scar. It can help to promote more even and controlled results.” She goes on to explain that this “has the potential to stimulate scar tissue healing from many small passes.”

Using a cannula in scar cases can be challenging. It could potentially cause unnecessary trauma to the tissue as it needs to be pushed through tough fibrous scar tissue which can take considerable pressure to achieve.” she continues.

How to Inject Lip Filler When a Scar is Present

Which aesthetics practitioners can administer this treatment?

“This is a technique that is best left for more experienced aesthetics practitioners. It can be challenging for inexperienced hands and new starters,” stresses Dr Laura.

One of the benefits of our Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers course is that it includes a significant amount of one-to-one mentoring sessions. During these sessions, you’ll be treating real patients in a working clinic, under direct specialist supervision. This provides the opportunity to experience many different concerns and presentations, so you may get the chance to treat someone with scarring with the safety net of having your mentor there with you.

We always recommend only treating patients if you have practical experience of administering the treatment they are looking for. If you aren’t confident, seek assistance from a colleague or mentor, or you may wish to refer the patient on.

How to Inject Lip Filler When a Scar is Present

The dos and don’ts of administering lip filler to scarred lips

As the lips are such a delicate area, it’s important to proceed with caution.

What aesthetics practitioners should do

Before filler treatment, Dr Laura advises, “Consider alternative options such as platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to soften the scar tissue.”

She also recommends, “Before and after the procedure, assess capillary refill, especially when dealing with scar tissue. This can alter the anatomy and increase the risk of a vascular event occurring due to disruption.”

She continues, “When selecting fillers, choose the softer option as that will offer less volumisation.”

It’s also wise to take good before and after photography to document the process should any concerns arise later.

What not to do when injecting lip filler when a scar is present

“Avoid injecting significant volumes of filler near scar tissue,” Dr Laura advises. “Instead, opt for multiple passes using minimal filler amounts to minimise the prominence of the scar.”

Does the depth of the scar impact whether you treat patients?

“The depth of the scar plays a role in the treatment approach, but it doesn’t rule it out altogether”, Dr Laura explains. “Deeper scars pose more challenges, but they can still be addressed!”

Example of Lip Scarring That May Affect Lip Filler Technique Approach

Dr Laura’s approach to injecting lip filler when deep scars are present

“For deep scars, I would typically begin with PRP or PRF treatments. As I mentioned earlier, these treatments aim to soften the scar tissue. Following this I would choose the softest filler - akin to a skin booster - to help improve the appearance of the scar.” Dr Laura tells us.

“When PRP and PRF aren’t viable options, I may still proceed with the treatment. I will always warn the patient though that the results can be unpredictable,” she notes.

“I also may consider using a small amount of toxin. This could be for treatments such as a lip flip, to ease muscle tension that may accentuate scar tissue, softening its appearance.”

Learning how to deliver safe and effective lip filler treatments

When it comes to treating scarred lips safely, a solid understanding of facial anatomy, facial assessment, product rheology and injection techniques is required.

As an aesthetics practitioner, sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience of treating a variety of patients, with a variety of concerns is key.

Here, at Harley Academy, we specialise in delivering a JCCP-approved and Ofqual-regulated qualification that can take you from beginner to aesthetics specialist status. A Master’s level aesthetic medicine credential, the Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers offers injectables training from aesthetics specialists. Each session provides hands-on experience in a working clinic, with your own patients to treat – no sharing!

Whether you’ve completed your Level 7 or not, if you’re looking for more focused lip filler training, our Perioral & Lip Filler Masterclass is the one for you. You’ll learn how to rejuvenate the perioral area with more ease and safely administer lip filler.

Additionally, you’ll learn a range of techniques for both rejuvenation and beautification so you can treat old and young lips. It’ll elevate your confidence in injecting with a needle and cannula, allowing you to tailor your approach to your patient's concerns and goals.

Book a call with one of our Course Advisors today and really level up your lip filler skills!

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