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A New Way To Grow Your Aesthetics Practice With Glowday

Harley Academy and Glowday partner to make it easy for Level 7 Qualified UK practitioners to reach a wide audience and grow their practice.


Running your own Aesthetics practice can be equally exhilarating and exhausting – being a successful Aesthetics practitioner involves a lot of work building your client base and handling the day-to-day management of your clinic.

For UK practitioners, there’s now a digital platform that will enable you to focus more on being a talented practitioner, and less on being an equally stellar marketer. Glowday is the UK’s first true marketplace where potential clients can find practitioners – essentially the Airbnb of Aesthetics.

What is Glowday?

Glowday is a platform that helps Aesthetics practitioners build their customer base without the hassle of constantly managing your diary or spending all of your free time doing self-promotion.

Glowday do the heavy lifting of bringing customers to the platform, and their tools make it easy for you to manage your appointment schedule.

How does Glowday work?

Glowday takes a lot of the administrative burden off the practitioner and makes running your practice that much smoother and easier.

  • Attract new customers: showcase your techniques and skills with before and after photos, and collect and verify client reviews.
  • Effortless online booking: display your availability, enable direct booking, and send out appointment and repeat treatment reminders.
  • Easy money management: enable contactless payment and collect late cancellation / no-show fees.

Glowday for Harley Academy Level 7 Students

Built out of our shared dedication to patient safety, we’re partnering with Glowday to enable Harley Academy Level 7 graduates to stand out from the crowd with a Harley Academy badge on their Level 7 qualification.

Glowday educate clients on the benefits of the Level 7 and facilitate their search for highly qualified practitioners by including a Level 7 filter. Just by virtue of being on the platform, you will be able to quickly and easily grow your customer base.

List Your Clinic

If you’re only starting out on your training journey with Harley Academy, you will also receive badges for any courses you complete with us.

Have questions for Glowday? Contact Jon Williams on jon.williams@glowday.com or 0777 294 2211.