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Posted 22nd Nov 2023

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Aesthetics Income

TOP BOX Maximise Boost Your Aesthetics Income

Want some insider advice on three easy steps you can take to boost your aesthetics income? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry - all injectors want to…and should make money! You've had extensive medical and aesthetics training, as well as experience, which justify your cost to the consumer.

Many new practitioners find this awkward to talk about, especially if you’re coming from a non-transactional business such as the NHS. But charging for a well-delivered service doesn’t make you any less ethical, or responsible. It certainly doesn’t mean you care less about your patients.

Everyone needs to earn a living, but working in aesthetic medicine can really bring this to the fore as you may be stepping out into an entrepreneurial space for the first time.

Here are three easy steps you can take to make your aesthetics business stand out and increase your income in the process!

Making money as an aesthetics practitioner

3 easy steps to boosting your aesthetics income

The mark-ups on cosmetic injectable treatments are pretty healthy, so if you find you’re still struggling, try these tips…

1. Ensure you’re minimising patient turnaway

If you offer six appointments per day and four are turned away due to being unsuitable for treatment, that’s a lot of lost revenue!

Tighten up your patient screening process by following our advice on how to minimise patient turnaway.

With a bit of extra preparation before bringing potential patients in for a consultation, or scheduling their injectables, you can prevent unsuitable clients from wasting their time - and yours.

And the best bit is that this tip won’t cost you anything but a little extra time. Unless you outsource your patient communications!

Multi Ml Filler Treatment Multi Area Full Face Filler Liquid Facelift

2. Enhance and advertise your ‘full face’ or ‘multi-ml’ filler approach

Full Face Filler Treatment, Multi-Ml or Multi-Area Filler, a Liquid Facelift - whatever you call it, there are many reasons to shout about your capabilities in this area.

  • Multi-area filler treatments take only marginally longer than a single area appointment, yet can bring in up to 3 times more revenue. You’re saving your patient time and you’re making more profit - it’s a win–win situation!
  • When addressing the face as a whole, rather than area-by-area, you can often achieve more natural-looking results which is what many patients are looking for. This is because you’re taking a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation, so all concerns are considered simultaneously
  • Full face filler treatments can offer longer-lasting results. By “layering” treatments to recreate or restore the underlying facial structure, you provide added support for the more superficial treatments.

Essentially what you’re offering patients is a time-saving treatment that could give them more natural-looking results that last longer. Of course, some may wish to spread their treatment plan out over a period of time, but it’s still good income!

Improve your layered filler treatments = improve your aesthetics income

Really hone your craft when it comes to understanding how to create beautifully sculpted, proportionate rejuvenating results for your patients through multi-ml treatments. An easy way to do this - and to support your on-going learning and development as an aesthetics practitioner - is to undertake focused aesthetics training.

Check out our Cheeks, Mid-Face and Lower Face Filler Masterclass. This small-group session will help you truly understand and build your confidence in delivering safe, full face, layered treatments. This is an area you can build a name for yourself in, and a business from, if your work is good enough to generate great word-of-mouth referrals.

Profhilo Training Course Harley Academy Medical Aesthetics

3. Boost your skin treatment offering with Profhilo®

Injectables for skin rejuvenation can have a great impact on skin quality. They’re also less impacted by the negative stereotypes associated with botox and filler treatments. Therefore, they’re excellent gateway treatments for patients who are interested in skin rejuvenation. A good example is Profhilo®.

There’s a reason this injectable skin treatment has won so many awards and patients know it by name. It can be used for tackling:

  • Signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin laxity through bioremodelling
  • Dehydration and dull skin
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Stimulating and remodelling the skin from within.

It’s perhaps best known, thanks to regular media coverage, for giving what’s known as a ‘Profhilo® glow’. This is thanks to its deeply hydrating unique hyaluronic acid formulation which uses proprietary technology.

We speak from experience when we say, adding Profhilo® to your treatment menu will help to boost your bottom line!

Profhilo® training for face, neck and body

Profhilo® treatments can deliver a healthy profit and are very much in demand.

Whether it’s for festive parties, wedding season, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion - patients are clued up about what this treatment can do for them which means less marketing legwork for you.

Investing in official Profhilo® training allows you access to purchase the genuine product from the brand’s official pharmacy partners. It also opens doors to patients who don’t want to go down the fillers or botox route, increasing your ability to attract more clients!

What’s more, you can complete this course, learning how to safely and effectively administer Profhilo® for face, neck and body, in half a day! So it’s something you can start offering soon.

Harley Academy has an exclusive partnership with HA-Derma, the product’s UK distributor.

We are the only UK aesthetics training provider to offer Profhilo® training for face, neck and body in one session. Combining these three areas into one half-day in clinic - plus pre-course eLearning - allows you to efficiently minimise time away from your practice.

You still need to work hard for long-term business success

The insights above are designed to help inspire you to consider new ways to position yourself as an aesthetics practitioner. However, whilst they are simple steps, you will still need to work hard to ensure your long-term success in medical aesthetics.

Many injectors start out with the misconception that because they can offer a service, people will know how to find them and will want to come. That’s rarely the case.

To have a successful, viable business as a cosmetic doctor, dentist or nurse, you need to put the effort in. Acquiring new patients takes time, but it’s a rewarding journey and one many practitioners have taken before you to great success.

As a healthcare professional, you already have an edge over many competitors. With a good standard of medical aesthetics training qualifications, you’ll stand out even further.

By then tailoring your offering to what patients in your area are looking for, and ensuring you have outstanding skills in those treatments - as well as fantastic patient care in general - you can build a thriving aesthetics practice without the need for extra marketing!

We hope you found this advice helpful and do let us know @Harley_Academy if you try any of it out!

All information correct at the time of publication

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