Student Stories: Dr Natasha

Student Stories: Dr Natasha
22nd December 2016 Alex Dodds
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Natasha Fernando Harley Academy

Dr Natasha is one of the first students on our level 7 qualification in aesthetic medicine. Follow her story here as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tell us a little about you…

I have been qualified as an NHS GP for 2 years now. I really love my job, but already I was beginning to think about what can be done to avoid burnout! So I got wondering what else could be done in the week for a bit more variety to ensure that I am more satisfied with my working life.


What attracted you to a career in aesthetics? 

I have always had an interest in the aesthetic side of life, and this is reflected in my creative hobbies of drawing, painting & photography.  So, undoubtedly the unique blend of artistry & medical expertise involved in aesthetic medicine appealed to me a lot.  I could also see it as a rewarding industry to be in if you love to make people happy. From the little I knew about aesthetics at the time I was in the very least aware that you have that opportunity to make someone feel better about themselves, enhance their wellbeing and potentially even make some difference to their lives.

I started off with the Harley Academy Foundation Day course in Botox and Fillers and instantly thought “Wow! This is really interesting & fun!” Since then I have been thinking a lot more seriously about pursuing a career in this field and have therefore embarked on the level 7 course. After graduating I hope to pursue my aesthetics career part-time as I enjoy being a GP too much to give it up and having a variety and balance in working life is key in my job satisfaction

Aesthetic medicine is something we are not taught in medical school and it can feel a bit daunting & overwhelming initially.

I dealt with this by doing lots of research and found out more information about this industry by attending an aesthetic medicine conference, subscribing to a reputable journal, networking with experienced professionals and following social media.



Why Harley Academy?

One of my friends recommended I took the Foundation Course in Botox and dermal fillers, which gave a nice comprehensive introduction into aesthetic medicine. I left feeling incredibly inspired to take this to the next level and pursue the level 7 qualification, especially as I was aware the Health Education guidelines state aesthetic practitioners should formally have a postgraduate level of training by 2018.

Prior to signing up I did my online research, looking at other advanced courses available. I came across a few crash courses, which I can see could look appealing to a lot of people. I was not however filled with much confidence that I would be competent enough to practice independently after just a few days crammed in with intense training.  As a result of my research I was happy to learn that Harley Academy offers the first level 7 fully accredited postgraduate qualification, which is also the first to be approved by the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. This reputation is of course very important in ensuring you stand out from other practitioners



 How have you found the course so far? Have there been any parts of it that you’ve particularly enjoyed or found challenging?

So far I have made some progress with the e-learning modules and have completed a lot of observed & performed cases for my logbook. I hope to get started on my assignments soon, and to be honest this has been the biggest challenge for me, trying to fit this in with my busy working life.


Have you found any parts of the course particularly challenging or difficult?

I’ve found the initial facial assessments can be a bit of a challenge at times as there’s always a fear of offending people by pointing out what treatments could be used, but I’ve come to realise that that’s what patients expect when they get there.

My mentor makes it look so easy, but I think I’m getting there with his guidance and feedback!


19Dec15_batch_foundation-day.jpg19Dec15 - Tristan 3

Harley Academy focuses on 1:1 guidance on facial assessment and injection technique.


How have you found the mentoring sessions? Have these been a part of the course you’ve particularly enjoyed?

I would say the mentoring sessions have been the most enjoyable aspect for me so far. It has been a fun but steep learning curve, and I have been taught new techniques by a leading expert in a successful clinic. I feel I have really benefited from the one-to-one tuition and I know this will enable me to rapidly develop in proficiency.  Unlike a lot of other courses, I have been given the invaluable opportunity to experience what it is really like to work in a cosmetic clinic and gain an insight on how to develop a career for myself.


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