Cosmetic Dermatology Foundation Day: Chemical Peels and Microneedling Training

Cosmetic Dermatology Foundation Day: Chemical Peels and Microneedling Training

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Cosmetic Dermatology Foundation Day: Chemical Peels and Microneedling Training

All facial rejuvenation starts with skin. This one day course covers the essentials of skin health and hands-on practice of both key skin rejuvenation techniques: microneedling and chemical peels. This Cosmetic Dermatology Foundation Day: Chemical Peels and Microneedling training course is ideal for doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives.

Hands-on practice: Yes

Duration: 8 hours

Skill Level: Beginner

Assessment: None

Certification: Certificate of attendance

eLearning: Yes

Starter Pack: Discounted

CPD Points: 8

Course Description

Better results

Combine treatments for better results. If your injectables patients have an uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne, scars, pigmentation or other skin-related complaints you can give them outstanding results by including the right skin procedures into their treatment plan.

Do No Harm

If you’re already practising injectables or considering doing so, learning skin techniques will allow you to offer less invasive solutions that can help to build trust with your patients, and help you to maintain good medical practice if you can resolve age-related complaints without resorting to injections.

Stand out

Many non-surgical aesthetics practitioners only offer injectables. Adding skin techniques to your repertoire will help you to stand out, and is an increasingly essential skill for medical aesthetics practitioners.

Course Structure

On booking this course you will be given access to a comprehensive online module of eLearning. This learning must be completed before coming on the course, but should only take between 2-3 hours. You will have access to this content after the course for your reference as you practice.

After Completion

By the end of the day you will have acquired appropriate techniques for delivering microneedling and superficial chemical peels. You will also have a deeper understanding of the skin – the canvas for all aesthetic procedures. These skills will make you more valuable to pre-existing patients as well as employers in the aesthetics industry.

What Will I Learn?

By the end of the day you will be able to:

Tailor your treatments

Use your patient’s concern, skin type and skin condition to decide which procedures will be most effective.

Explain skin science

This course will allow you to talk confidently about the macroscopic and microscopic anatomy of relevant facial skin layers and the mode of action of all of the treatments you will be performing, inspiring trust in your patients and colleagues.

Treat holistically

This course will teach you to deliver all three of the most popular superficial skin procedures, instantly rendering you a holistic practitioner.

Be safe

Complications and side-effects are covered comprehensively, allowing you to practice to a high standard.

Who Is This Course for

Please note that we do not accept dental nurses or dental hygienists on any of our injectables or cosmetic dermatology courses including those with GDC numbers. The following professional groups are approved for entry onto this course:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses

A score of 75% or more on the eLearning multiple choice assessment. This must be completed by 1pm the day prior to the start of your course. You’ll be sent all of the content that you need to pass this two weeks prior to your Foundation Day.


maja pic 1

Maja Swierczynska

Cosmetic Dermatology Trainer

Maja holds a Masters in Cosmetology and Cosmetic Science and teaches bespoke treatments and skincare plans. Her eight years experience in microneedling, advanced skin peels, ultrasounds, radiofrequency, IPL and lasers contributes to Harley Academy rejuvenation training.

gosia pic 1

Gosia Liszewska

Cosmetic Dermatology Trainer

Gosia holds a Master’s in Cosmetology and has been practising aesthetics since 2013. She has extensive experience in working with a variety of skin treatments including skin peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, radiofrequency, ultrasounds, IPL and lasers.

kalpna pindolia resize

Dr Kalpna Pindolia

Clinical Education Lead

An aesthetic doctor, trainer, assessor and GMC appraiser, Dr Pindolia is dedicated to a holistic approach to the individual from both medical and psychological perspectives. With a true passion for empowered education in the aesthetics sector, she is dedicated to the experience and success of our student community.

sunny dr i

Dr Sundeep Dhesi

Clinical Mentor

Dr Dhesi is Clinical Director of Rutland Aesthetics as well as a GP and Regimental Medical Officer, qualified in Medicine and General Practice and registered with the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group. His focus includes rejuvenation beyond facial areas.

Dr Joanna Hackney aesthetic medicine

Dr Joanna Hackney 

Clinical Mentor

With a background in anaesthetics, Dr Hackney is an experienced aesthetic practitioner who combines practical skill with her artistic eye to provide holistic training for students. She is passionate about laying fundamental concepts of patient safety whilst teaching aesthetic medicine from a scientific perspective.

Student Reviews


How quickly can I make a return on investment for this course?

By charging high street prices (between £75-250 per skin treatment) you can make back the cost of this course in 4-14 treatments.

I’m a doctor, do I need to start with a foundation day?

The Cosmetic Dermatology Foundation Day for Aesthetic Medicine is the best place for anyone to start with skin techniques as it covers every technique in one day as well as specific skin anatomy skimmed over or missed by most medical degrees. It is also required for insurance, meaning you cannot legally practice without having obtained your accredited Foundation Day certificate. Accordingly, we include this Foundation Day in our Aesthetic Medicine Specialty Training Programme.

Will we cover TCA / Phenol peels?

No, we will be covering 20% glycolic acid peels and 0.5mm microneeding. The technique and underpinning knowledge required to carry out this range of treatments is essential before progressing onto more advanced procedures, such as a TCA peels.

TCA peels and phenol peels are medium to deep peels. This means that they have a much riskier safety profile than superficial peels,. It is against good medical practice to allow professionals from any background to perform high risk procedures on real patients on their first day of practice so we only permit this once learners have demonstrated their knowledge of the risks, techniques, and mechanisms of action for these treatments. If you’re interested in these procedures, please consider Cosmetic Dermatology or combined Aesthetic Medicine Specialty Training.

Times and Address

The Foundation Day runs from 9am to 6pm at the following address:

Harley Academy
5th Floor Jasper House
4-6 Copthall Avenue
London EC2R 7DA

Available dates

Date Location Price Clear filters
Fri Apr 03 London, Moorgate
(Harley Academy)
Fri May 01 London, Moorgate
(Harley Academy)
Fri May 29 London, Moorgate
(Harley Academy)
Fri Jun 26 London, Moorgate
(Harley Academy)