Level 4 Beauty Therapy vs Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation

Level 4 Beauty Therapy vs Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation
21st May 2018 Simone Golumb
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If you’re a Level 3 qualified beauty therapist you’re probably wondering how best to advance your career. Two of your major options are the Level 4 in Beauty Therapy, and the Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation. What are the major differences? How do beauty therapists decide which to choose ?

The minimum entry requirement for either course is a Level 3 in Beauty Therapy. This ensures that students attending either course have the fundamental knowledge and skills to progress through the qualification successfully. Both courses are external qualifications, meaning that an awarding body is associated with the course delivery and if those who pass will gain a nationally recognised qualification. At Harley Academy use Industry Qualifications (IQ) as our awarding body.

In this article we compare both of these Level 4 qualifications in detail to give beauty therapists a chance to establish which best meets their career goals.

Level 4 Beauty Therapy

Level 4 Beauty Therapy

The Level 4 Beauty Therapy qualification is designed specifically to help beauty therapists gain employment as salon-based senior or managing beauty therapists. The treatments covered typically include laser and light-based treatments (specifically hair removal and sometimes pigmentation and thread vein removal). There may be coverage of more advanced skin rejuvenation procedures; in most cases microdermabrasion (mild physical exfoliation of the top skin layer ). Skin anatomy and physiology will be covered in the theoretical portion of the course as well as many health, safety and business aspects involved in successful salon management. This qualification offers broad general coverage; however due to the volume of topics covered, neither theoretical nor practical learning are covered in depth.

In summary, the Level 4 in Beauty Therapy focuses on breadth, rather than depth of knowledge about particular procedures. It is ideal if you are keen to work in a beauty salon and deliver standard beauty treatments, some of which are more cosmetic or therapeutic than medical or clinical. Level 4 Beauty therapy does not develop understanding of advanced procedures such as deep chemical peels.


Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation

In contrast to the Level 4 in Beauty Therapy, the Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation offers clinical progression to the beauty training sector. The course pathway allows beauty therapists to take four qualifications in Skin Rejuvenation; Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 and Level 7. This structured pathway allows learners to carry out treatments competently and gives them in-depth knowledge of the essential skills required to progress in the aesthetic industry. The Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation covers the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments in the aesthetic market: chemical peels, micro-needling and eventually mesotherapy.

This qualification is designed specifically for those interested in a career in the aesthetics sector and it covers a wide range of popular aesthetic treatments. Progression through the levels leads to advanced techniques such as TCA chemical peels, deep micro-needling treatments and mesotherapy, solutions which can target a wide range of clinical skin conditions effectively.

Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation training is provided by a mixture of experienced aesthetic practitioners and medical professionals and focuses more on specific treatments to deliver all information required at depth. Practical competence backed up by the correct knowledge is essential to undertake any aesthetic treatment which is why Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation training should be delivered in a high-level aesthetic clinic giving exposure to a wide range of patients from day one. This ensures that learners gain the necessary experience to succeed in the medical aesthetics industry.

Topics covered include: generic skills for aesthetic medicine, professionalism, law and ethics, health  and safety as well as practical subjects such as the patient consultation, anatomy,  physiology and psychology, topical skin therapy within skin rejuvenation, principles and practice of very mild chemical peels, and principles and practice of light microneedling.


Summary of the comparisons between these two Level 4 qualifications

Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation Level 4 Beauty Therapy
Minimum entry requirements Level 3 Beauty Therapy Level 3 Beauty Therapy
Learning style eLearning and practical logbook requirements for each treatment type. Theoretical (eLearning or  lecture based), some practical elements.
Main course focus Good medical practice, and in-depth clinical ability with microneedling, chemical peels and mesotherapy. Managing your own salon and different beauty salon roles. Laser and light treatments, and superficial exfoliation treatments.
Awarding body Industry qualifications (IQ) A wide range is available. Examples include: VTCT, NVQ, iTEC and BTEC.

We understand that the number of courses available to a Beauty Professional can be overwhelming, so we hope this article guides you in choosing the qualification most suitable for you. Your final decision will depend largely on the career route that you wish to take.

For those considering a future in salon management, Level 4 Beauty Therapy could be a wise choice. However, for those seeking to progress in the aesthetic industry, the Skin Rejuvenation course is designed to offer you professional expertise and specifically focuses on the essential clinical skills necessary to build a successful career. This qualification has been written in line with the most up-to-date industry guidance, therefore successful candidates have the option of registering with an aesthetic body and receiving the recognition this brings. If you would like to learn more about reasons to qualify, read this article.

If you have any further questions regarding our Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation Qualification; please feel free to contact us on 0203 859 7598.

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