An Historic Endorsement from BCAM

An Historic Endorsement from BCAM
12th October 2016 Beth L. Swingler
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level 7 in aesthetic medicine

As was recently covered by the journal Aesthetics, The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) has endorsed Harley Academy’s level 7 course with 142 hours of CPD accreditation. This makes it the first fully HEE-compliant level 7 course in aesthetics to become BCAM accredited.

What this means is that BCAM recognise that Harley Academy have the facilities and expertise to run the highest level cosmetic training course in the industry.

“We are delighted that level 7 training, as outlined in the recent Health Education England report, is being adopted by training organisations” says Paul Charlson, President of BCAM. “BCAM supports any educational organisation that delivers to this standard. BCAM are therefore delighted that Harley Academy is the leading the way.”

BCAM accredited cosmetic training course

There are various reasons why many cosmetic training courses do not meet BCAM’s stringent standards. This includes the demand that, for example, the educational programme should not be influenced or biased by commercial organisations. This Ofqual-regulated level 7 course “fills a much-needed gap in aesthetics education”, according to founder and managing director, Dr Tristan Mehta.

“We set out to improve patient safety through raising the standard of education in aesthetics”, says Dr Mehta, “we are very proud that BCAM has recognised that our course represents this new era in aesthetics. We also expect that this higher standard of education will propagate throughout practitioners, and other course providers, and ultimately lead to a new standard of patient care.”

It is expected that all training in the delivery of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers in the UK will need to be taught at level 7 going forward, as well as being officially regulated, like the Harley Academy level 7. As such, the BCAM endorsement marks another concrete turning point for aesthetics training.

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  1. Ruth 2 years ago

    Hi, I am a RMN independent prescriber and am considering undertaking training in the delivery of botox and dermal fillers. I am confused as to the position on it’s regulation, is the practice regulated? Once competing a training course do I need to inform the NMC. Kind regard, Ruth

    • Author
      Beth L. Swingler 2 years ago

      Hi Ruth,
      Excellent question – this is something that there is a lot of speculation about. The industry is not currently regulated by the government. Instead, the department of health has published recommendations for self-regulation. The idea behinnd this is as followed: the guidelines, advocated by important bodies like the GMC, will likely to lead to a two-tiered system, where some practitioners follow the guidelines for training, and train up to a level 7 or Master’s standard, but others will continue as they are with mere 1 day courses. Those who do not train up to the new standard, and start to practise after just one day of training, will therefore get left behind. The lucrativeness and competitiveness of the aesthetics specialty means that new standards can evolve rapidly, so – as far as the government is concerned for now – there is no need to formally regulate, when the industry should self-regulate more quickly than the rule of law would enable.

      Naturally this approach has issues and grey areas that will be smoothed out in time, but in many ways this is already what we are seeing, with hundreds of practitioners now studying for level 7 qualifications. We recommend that anyone seriously intending to enter or stay in aesthetics train up to this new standard, and ensure that they future-proof their career and do not get left behind! Call us on 0203 859 7598 if you’d like to discuss in more detail.

  2. Deena 2 years ago

    Hello, what is the duration of this level 7 training course? It says 142 CPD hours but doesn’t specify the duration which is important to me since I do not live in UK.

    • Author
      Beth L. Swingler 2 years ago

      Hi Deena,

      Technically the course totals 277 hours if you have no prior experience and need to complete all of the course content, and all of the mentoring. This would be 7 weeks full time, but you have up to 3 years to complete the course.

      Most of our students work on the course part time from home, and we expect many to take about 9 months to graduate. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any more questions!

  3. Princey Santhosh 2 years ago

    I am registered Nurse has 15yrs of experience working in LHCH (U.K) intensive cardiac surgical unit. I am interested in aesthetic nursing & keen to do the course for the same. I work full time.
    Am I elegible to do level 7 course?
    How long it will take for me to complete the course of am working full time ?
    What is the future career??

    • Author
      Beth L. Swingler 2 years ago

      Hi Princey,

      You are certainly eligible for the level 7 course. How long the course takes varies depending on how much time you have to dedicate to it. Because it is remote learning you can complete it conveniently around your job. We expect most of our students will complete in 9-18 months, if they do it around a full time job.

      If you have any more questions please do call us on 0203 859 7598 any time between 9am-6pm and we’d love to answer any of your questions, discuss your long term plans, maybe direct you to where you can get further advcse. Also, do check out our blog for some good articles on aesthetic nursing such as this one: https://www.harleyacademy.com/should-you-become-an-aesthetic-nurse/

  4. Susana 1 year ago


    thank you for all this information, I´m really interested in this course. I live and work in Bristol. So I would like to know how many days it will take for the presencial trainings and how many times I need to go to London to receive the course?

    Thank you!

    • Author
      Beth L. Swingler 1 year ago

      Hi Susana,

      We can support your mentoring with one of our trainers in Bristol, as we are a nationwide initiative. You would only need to attend a Foundation Day in London once. Does that sound good?

  5. Maria Mc Kenna 1 year ago

    I am a part-time practicing aesthetic doctor for over 12 months now in Ireland, having completed advanced Botox and filler courses in London in December 2015. I carry out about 15-20 treatments per month as am a GP the other days. Would I still need to do all components of the training for level 7 qualification? I understand that I’m not eligible for the fast-track route. Many thanks

    • Author
      Beth L. Swingler 1 year ago

      Hi Maria,
      You can skip the logbook part of the level 7 course (and get a discount!) if you have under 3 years of experience if you can demonstrate that you’ve performed 100 treatments. Preferably this would be in the form of case notes and before/after photos for 50 dermal filler and 50 botulinum toxin patients. Does this sound likely? Just give one of our friendly advisors a call on 0203 859 7598 if you’re not sure of anything and they’ll be v happy to help.

      Now is the time to start!

  6. Charlotte Goode 1 year ago

    Hi I am a adult student nurse and am interested in doing ur course when I am qualified next April 18. Do you have to be qualified for a certain amount of time before u can commence the course or can I apply as soon as I am registered with my pin.
    I would prefer to pay the course in a one of payment so if I am able to start as soon as qualifying I will start saving for it now! Many thanks Charlotte.

    • Author
      Beth L. Swingler 1 year ago

      Hi Charlotte,
      You can start as soon as you are registered. As a nurse, you can practice dermal fillers independently. You will need to find a doctor who can prescribe for you if you want to deliver botulinum toxins, though — but there are doctors who regularly do that whom we can put you in touch with. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors on 0203 859 7598!

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