Highlights of 2019

Highlights of 2019
11th December 2019 Shanelle Best
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2019 has been an exciting year for the team here at Harley Academy. We remain the leading aesthetic medicine training provider in the UK, we are constantly looking for ways to give our students the best experience possible. Here’s a quick summary of some of our key highlights.

Understanding the importance of complication management in aesthetics, we launched the Masterclass & Complication series

Being an expert injector is not just about being able to produce great results for your patients. To be an expert injector you must also be able to manage potential complications this ensures your patients are safe in your hands. We want practitioners who attend our masterclasses to be prepared for any type of complication that may occur as a result of dermal filler or BOTOX® treatments, this is why we launched the Masterclass and Complications series.

We launched the Foundation Programme for BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers to allow potential practitoners to treat their first patient under expert supervision

One of the most significant moments in any aesthetics practitioners career is when they treat their first patient. This is why we introduced the Foundation Programme, a comprehensive, multi-staged introduction to aesthetic medicine which includes a hour 1:1 session where you can treat your first patient under the expert supervision of one of our mentors. During the 1:1 sessions we guide our students through the consultant and treatment process.

We became an Allergan Appointed Training Provider

This collaboration came as a result of Allergan’s newly launched website, Allergan Spark. A great way to promote best practice in the aesthetics industry is to provide the details of local training providers. Dr Tristan Mehta, founder and CEO of Harley Academy, said, “At Harley Academy we want to offer the best education to the next generation of aesthetics professionals, so I am delighted that we have partnered with Allergan to develop innovative training programmes using the market’s leading products.”

This collabration resulted in Harley Academy becoming a Allergan Appointed Training Provider and working in consultation with Allergan to bring you exclusive 1:1 Jawline & Chin Filler Training using their latest dermal filler product JUVEDERM®​ V​OLUX.

Our unique partnership with AlumierMD  resulted in us launching a free eLearning module

The module is called “An Introduction to Medical Grade Products & Chemical Peeling” and is available to everyone with a Harley Academy account. Whether you want to become a skin specialist or expert injector it is important to have a solid understanding of how to use medical skincare products. This eLearning products you with the knowledge you need to use AlumierMD products to their best ability.

alumierMD eLearning with harley academy

Treatment focused training

Keeping up to date with which treatments are rising in popularity is key the success of any aesthetics practitioner. Understanding that many aesthetics practitioners have particular treatments that we want to be able to perform, we are proud to now offer a range of treatment focused training courses including Dermaplaning, Microneedling and Chemical Peels.

It’s been a truly amazing year and we are excited for what 2020 has to offer!

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