Health Education England Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Health Education England Guidelines: What You Need to Know
25th September 2015 Tristan Mehta
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How medical professionals will be affected and how to future-proof your qualifications

The Health Education England (HEE) cosmetic consultation was commissioned by the Department of Health in order to improve standards in aesthetic practice.

Harley Academy has been built from the ground up to support safer practice in the industry through training students according to the new recommended standards.

Crucially, students are now recommended to inject 20 treatments under direct supervision in order to be deemed competent.

This means our graduates are at the forefront of cosmetic practice; prepared for regulation shifts and able to demonstrate their competencies through their portfolio of training evidence.

It is clearly stated in the HEE guidelines that ‘weekend courses’ will not count as evidence for future accreditation of learning. There is an urgent need in the industry to provide University-standard cosmetic training courses to busy healthcare professionals in an ethical and fair manner.

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Harley Academy is supported by Virgin and work with the most reputable companies in the industry to ensure that we deliver the best training course possible.

The GMC will be presenting their new cosmetic guidelines in January 2016 – this will significantly affect how doctors are expected to train and practice as cosmetic physicians.

Meanwhile, the GPhC, GDC and NMC are developing their own professional guidelines following on from the HEE report.

The cosmetic industry is booming, with growth of over £3 billion in the last 10 years. Improved standards and regulation are arriving at a crucial time as more and more stories of unethical practice appear in our news as individuals exploit the lucrative possibilities of aesthetic medicine at the expense of patient safety.

According to a a recent BBC investigation, a “bogus” nurse is running a cosmetic clinic offering Botox and dermal filler treatments. Harley Academy has been developed in response to the critical need to support patient safety in the medical cosmetic sector.

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  1. Ayesha 1 year ago

    Good Evening

    Do I need to be a medical student to participate in this course, if so what are the requirements?

    • Beth L. Swingler 1 year ago

      Hi Ayesha,

      We train registered medical professionals who have completed their degree in Medicine, Nursing, or Dentistry. Feel free to call us on 0203 859 7598 to discuss your options. You can sign up for our newsletter to hear about other courses for a more general audience: http://www.harleyacademy.com/contact

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