Harley Academy: Our Story

Harley Academy: Our Story
27th July 2015 Tristan Mehta
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– What we stand for and how we are transforming the aesthetic industry

Dr Tristan Mehta is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and Masters student in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine. Notable achievements within the medical field include publications, a research award by The Healing Foundation and presentation of research internationally.

He has been awarded support by Virgin as a young entrepreneur; and is passionate about developing better standards in medical education through novel approaches and implementing state-of-the-art technology.

After attending a cosmetics summit in London to discuss the new Health Education England recommendations, he began work on a project to implement these standards with Dr Kam Singh, the Educational Executive at the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

The result is Harley Academy, a nationwide training initiative to support safer practice in cosmetic medicine through better training.

Harley Academy represents the end of the ‘weekend course’ era and is therefore significantly different to other training providers. Our students are sent on a flexible clinical placement much like how they learn during their University degrees.

OCB Media, who supply eLearning to the NHS, were excited to join forces with Harley Academy to provide a gold-standard curriculum in-line with the HEE guidelines.

The award-winning Courthouse Clinics became Harley Academy’s preferred provider of clinical placement opportunities after negotiation with other leading cosmetic chains.

  • We believe in safe, regulated, professional training
  • We believe in medical cosmetics as a specialty in its own right
  • We provide forward-thinking, accredited courses with opportunities for ongoing learning

Welcome to Harley Academy.

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  1. Victoria Orakpo 2 months ago

    Being a registered Nurse, I love your course placement pathway. Makes it easy to transfer theory into practice. Will love to get on one of your courses. Please let me know the how to get on one of your courses .

    • Beth L. Swingler 1 month ago

      Hi Victoria,

      As a registered nurse you will be eligible to book a place on our courses. Feel free to give one of our onboarding staff a call on 0203 859 7598, or book directly on our Level 7 page.

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