Harley Academy becomes the first IQ Verify learning provider

Harley Academy becomes the first IQ Verify learning provider
26th November 2018 Kim Darragon
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IQ Verify are pleased to announce that Harley Academy have successfully achieved certification to become a recognised IQ Verify learning provider in the Aesthetic Medicine sector. ISO standards are internationally recognised standards that ensure products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. The IQ Verify learning provider scheme which has been developed in accordance with ISO17065:2012, is the first time ISO standards are being used to develop and contribute to raising aesthetic medicine training standards.

Through achieving certification to the learning provider scheme, Harley Academy have evidenced that they meet the core requirements to operate a training facility to meet both international standards and modality specific aesthetic training requirements as identified by the CPSA, demonstrating their ability to provide high calibre and safe aesthetic training.

Mark Salt, IQ Verify Director and General Manager said “Harley Academy have worked really hard to achieve this standard, which, as it is internationally recognised and accepted, demonstrates they have achieved the benchmark for delivering aesthetic services and in particular Skin Rejuvenation training in the aesthetics marketplace globally”.

Achieving learning provider certification enables organisations, should they want, to start offering personnel certification schemes. Harley Academy are the first to launch the IQ Verify Skin Rejuvenation scheme (in accordance with ISO17024:2012). This scheme provides a pathway for healthcare and non- healthcare professionals to progress from Levels 4-7 in Skin Rejuvenation. Importantly, compared to regulated qualifications, personnel certification schemes require evidence of continued competence and market sector knowledge. As such, successful practitioners will be required to submit a logbook every 3 years to demonstrate their continued clinical competency following graduation. The benefits for successful candidates on ISO17024:2012 schemes is that they are able to demonstrate they have met international standards, alongside industry specific requirements, such as HEE and CPSA.

Tristan Mehta, CEO of Harley Academy comments “We are excited to work with IQ Verify to bring a highly robust certification scheme for skin rejuvenation treatments. Often overlooked by aesthetics practitioners, skin rejuvenation is the foundation of aesthetic medicine and we look forward to further raising professional standards together”.

If you have any questions, then please contact either Laurie Clarke or Emma Foskett on marketing@iqverify.org.uk or 01527 910862


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