GMC Revalidation with Harley Academy

Many doctors practising aesthetic medicine struggle to find an appropriate body for revalidation. Doctors who work in the NHS, as an agency locum or in large independent organisations, are automatically connected to these employing organisations for their revalidation. Generally such organisations employ a Responsible Officer (e.g. the Medical Director) who oversees the process. But if you work independently, you may not be able to find a Designated Body and Responsible Officer to undertake the process for you.

Why GMC Revalidation Matters

Revalidation is a requirement. All licensed doctors who are practising medicine must revalidate every 5 years. The General Medical Council (GMC) states that revalidation “supports you to develop your practice, drives improvements in clinical governance and gives your patients confidence that you’re up to date.” Further details about revalidation can be found here.

It can be hard to find a designated body for aesthetic medicine.

Because practising aesthetic medicine exists in the private sector, there are limited options for revalidation and appraisal services. Some organisations will accept doctors in private practice, but lack medical expertise in this field. Other organisations will not accept doctors who have under three years of experience in aesthetic medicine. All options tend to be expensive.

This is why Harley Academy provides a revalidation service for aesthetic practitioners.

Watch the GMC's video explaining the revalidation process

Harley Academy GMC Revalidation Service

If you are a doctor enrolled onto our Level 7 Diploma course, we can offer this unique service. The GMC has agreed that Dr Cooney, NHS consultant, appraiser and revalidation expert, who is the responsible officer for Harley Academy, can also act as a suitable person for those doctors who:

  • are undergoing or have graduated from the Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers at Harley Academy
  • practice independently and solely in aesthetic medicine; and
  • commit to annual appraisals as well as an annual skills update or training session with Harley Academy.


A suitable person is required to:

  • ensure individuals are taking part in a suitable form of annual appraisal; and
  • make revalidation recommendations for those individuals.


To do this, they will have processes in place to:

  • monitor any concerns that may arise about the individual’s practice.
  • keep records of evaluations of each individual’s fitness to practice, including annual appraisals and any other investigations or assessments; and
  • make sure individuals are complying with any conditions imposed by or undertakings agreed with the GMC.


More information about the role of the suitable person can found on the GMC website.

Using the Harley Academy Revalidation Service

To access our revalidation service, please contact Harley Academy Revalidation Services at

You will be asked to complete an application with questions that ensure you meet the criteria set by the GMC. 

Dr Cooney will then apply to the GMC for you to be connected to him as the suitable person for your revalidation. After that, the revalidation process is identical to that of somebody connected to a designated body.

Please do not connect to Harley Academy on GMC Online as your designated body!

We cannot be your designated body unless you are employed directly by us.

Instead, Level 7 students and alumni will be registered with the Harley Academy Revalidation Service. On GMC Connect, you will be listed as connected with Dr Cooney as a suitable person and appear on his dashboard on the GMC revalidation portal.