Get Amazing Natural Lip Augmentation Results Everytime!

Get Amazing Natural Lip Augmentation Results Everytime!
5th June 2019 Shanelle Best
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Lip augmentation is a popular treatment amongst patients and has become extremely accessible over the past 5 years. Commonly taught on many foundation injectables courses, they are one of the first treatments aesthetic practitioners learn about. However, I think they are the hardest treatment to get right. It’s difficult to ever notice naturally enhanced lips but the “duck lips” and the “trout pouts” are very easily identifiable.

So here are my top tips for achieving natural lip augmentation results every single time:

  1. Patient selection:

    Not everyone is suitable for lip augmentation. Always carry out a full examination to ensure your patient will look better with fuller lips and that the overall result will compliment their features. Overall facial shape and proportions should be considered front on. Looking at your patient’s profile will allow you to assess the anterior projection of the lips using the frankfort horizontal plane and Ricketts line. Ideally the top lip should be 4mm away and the bottom should be 2mm away from the Ricketts line. If your patient already has naturally full lips with adequate anterior projection, think twice about treating them.

  2. Filler selection:

    Use fillers from well known brands and don’t just use one type of filler for every single lip treatment. Alter your selection based on indication. When treating the vermillion border, I have achieved great results with Belotero Balance / Belotero Lips Contour. For treating the body of the lips I recommend Juvaderm Volift, Teosyal RHA 2 or 3 and Belotero Lips Shape / Belotero Intense.

  3. Less is more!

    Don’t inject too much filler in one sitting. You can always build up on what you have done in 3-4 weeks if necessary.

  4. Accurate vermillion border treatment:

    The vermillion border is extremely difficult to treat. Assess whether the vermillion border needs to be treated first by getting your patient to purse their lips and look out for vertical peri oral lines. If the vermillion border is weak, add very small amounts to this area and ensure you place your product extremely superficially. – you should see the grey of your needle. This area does not require a large amount of product and over treating this area and injecting too deeply can cause filler migration into the peri oral region.

  5. Treat all ages!

    Although these treatments are very popular amongst younger patients, they are one of the most rewarding treatments when aiming for an overall rejuvenation of the ageing face. Treating the vermillion border alone helps to define the lips and soften peri oral lines.

  6. Respect the anatomy:

    Ensure that all of your injections are above the muscle and keep away from the wet/dry border. In females, keep the majority of the volume within the width of the nasal ala. In male patients, keep the volume between the width of the chin.

  7. Smoother lips:

    Inject in small linear threads and massage thoroughly with a product that contains chlorhexidine such as Teoxane post procedure cream.


Dr Yalda Jamali

Clinical Educational Fellow & Mentor

Dr Jamali combines working with our Courses team to develop teaching content with serving as a lead clinical mentor, notable for her upbeat teaching style. Her successful aesthetics clinic in Nottingham reveals her artistic eye for facial aesthetics.

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