Botox Training Courses

Why choose Harley Academy for Botox Training?

Botox training has changed. Highly commended at the prestigious 2016 Aesthetics Awards, Harley Academy are the first training academy to offer a qualification that supports new Health Education England guidelines. This unique full Level 7 qualification (L7Cert) in Injectables in Aesthetic Medicine involves four parts:

  • Foundation Day: A one-day introductory course
  • E-learning: 50-100 hours of university-standard online learning
  • Clinical Placement: Practical experience and personal mentoring
  • Assessment: A series of short coursework essays and a two hour Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Dermal Fillers Training Courses

Next Available Botox Training Course Dates

Date City Venue
19th May 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine 
28th May 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine 
31st May 2017  Liverpool  Pall Mall Medical - Liverpool 
12th June 2017  Liverpool  Pall Mall Medical - Liverpool 
14th June 2017  Manchester  Pall Mall Medical - Manchester 
22nd June 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine 
25th June 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine
28th June 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine
5th July 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine 
14th July 2017  Manchester  The Royal Society of Medicine 

Foundation Days – Botox & Dermal Filler Training

The first stage in our award-winning course in Botox and Dermal Filler training. If you are a suitably qualified medical professional this certificate will allow you to start administering Botox and Dermal Fillers.



Our online postgraduate programme in Injectables provides a comprehensive education in the fundamentals and practice of injectable treatments.

Online learning features

50-100 hours of university-standard material.

Core modules covering the latest medical knowledge in Botulinum Toxin, dermal fillers, skin ageing, dermatology and facial aesthetics.

Complementary modules on health and safety, law, policy and ethics.

Includes videos, interactive diagrams, and interim assessments.

Monitors your learning so you can continuously track your progress, and pick up where you left off.

Impartially compares products and brands.

Indications and contraindications.

CPD accredited.

Clinical Mentoring


The Harley Academy Clinic allows our delegates to practice and observe Botulinum Toxin treatments in a real clinical setting.

Clinical placement features:
Real patient consultations: an opportunity for delegates to hear respond to genuine patient concerns, design individualised treatment plans, and communicate these to patients.
Practice of accurate and appropriate injection technique and product placement under close supervision of an experienced aesthetic doctor.
Immediate feedback and one-to-one mentoring.
A logbook for recording your reflections for future reference.
The opportunity to ask questions as you learn.
Insurance for your supervised treatments.
A supervisor reference (this is required to qualify in injectables)
Experience what working in a cosmetic clinic is actually like.

Students can elect to organise their own supervised mentoring with a clinician with 3+ years experience in the relevant modality, or they can pay a highly discounted rate for private mentoring with Harley Training Clinic.

Future-proof your career


Training courses that run over a day or a weekend are not appropriate for the competencies required by the Department of Health review. Harley Academy endeavours to support patient safety through our offering training to the required professional, Higher Education standard.

In order to meet the new Health Education England requirements for practical competencies, delegates are expected to observe 10 treatments of Botulinum Toxin followed by 10 supervised injections of their own. Harley Academy has established their own Clinic in order to allow delegates to meet these requirements in a genuine clinical environment.

We are not affiliated with any manufacturer therefore our students gain competencies with any Botulinum Toxin including BOTOX® and Azzalure®.

Harley Academy is leading the revolution of aesthetic training away from weekend courses towards a more comprehensive, competency based certification as per other training pathways in medical specialties.

Upon graduation, Cosmetic Insure are exclusively granting our graduates one month of free cosmetic insurance to encourage immediate practice of learned skills.

Botox Training Course Aims and Objectives


Appreciate the probity of medical research

Undertake a thorough assessment of your patient

Understand the biochemistry and mode of action of Botulinum Toxin
Demonstrate the bio-availability and diffusion of Botulinum Toxin

Recognise the immunogenicity, efficiency and safety of Botulinum Toxin
Understand the anatomy of the facial muscles

Develop foundations of documentation good record keeping

Learn dilution requirements and demonstrate various injection techniques

Assess indications for Botulinum Toxin, including:
• Glabellar Lines
• Crows Feet
• Horizonal Forehead Lines
• Lower Lid Rejuvenation
• Upper Lip Rejuvenation
• Mentalis Treatment
• Depressor Angularis Oris Treatment
• Platysmal Bands Treatment
• Nasalis/Upper Lip Treatment
• Nasal Scrunch and Flare Treatment
• Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Be able to discuss the contraindications for Botulinum Toxin treatment

Deliver appropriate post-injection advice

Recognise complications for Botulinum Toxin treatment and appropriate management

Client Reviews


“A very thorough, well-run day which I will recommend to others”

“Small group teaching was good and I felt comfortable to ask questions.”

“What I liked most was the wide range of products covered and the way that the trainer was independent of any company.”

“Interactive…. really well-informed trainer!”

“Being an ED consultant, this was exactly what I was hoping to achieve after day 1 of training.”

“Well structured, focused on detail… great work! Would recommend to colleagues.”

“I enjoyed the structure of the lectures, and the addition of online content makes this so different and appropriate compared to the other courses out there.”