Botox® and Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Pharmacists

Pharmacists who meet our entry requirements are eligible to undertake our level 7 qualification and train to become highly capable aesthetic practitioners, providing treatments in botulinum toxins and dermal fillers.

Harley Academy are the first, only training provider in the UK to provide pharmacists with a fully Ofqual-regulated and IQ-accredited Level 7 qualification in aesthetics, and our full Level 7 Cert in Injectables is based specifically on HEE guidelines, which will ensure practising pharmacists are able to meet the latest government recommendations without having to return to  university to undertake a masters level, level 7 qualification.

Pharmacists are increasingly showing interest in a career in aesthetic medicine, and the flexibility associated with both a career in aestheics and our level 7 qualification mean you can complete your studies alongside practising your current career. 

If you’re currently a practicing pharmacist and want to obtain comprehensive, regulated  aesthetic training, in line with government guidelines secure your place on one of our training courses today.

aesthetic training for pharmacists

Benefits of Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers For Pharmacists

1. Earn More
The return on investment in aesthetics training for pharmacists is probably even greater than you realise. Looking at the calculations:

Let’s say that you dedicate just one day each weekend in which you treat five patients for Botox and fillers:
5 treatments of £500 = £2,500/week, or £10,000/month.

Hence you want to be able to demonstrate to new clients that you are trained to the highest standards with a postgraduate Level 7 qualification. You also want to retain those clients so that they come back. For this, high-quality training essential.

2.  Be Flexible

Practising in cosmetic medicine allows you to work flexible hours, so you can decide when you wish to work. For pharmacists, training and then working in aesthetics comes a welcome break from some jobs which require regular full time hours, and it’s even possible to practice on a part time basis whilst keeping your regular role as a pharmacist.

3. Develop Your Career

Aesthetics training also gives you new clinical skills beyond injectables. Our level 7 learning objectives contain training in facial anatomy, ageing and health, and psychological assessment for issues such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. 

These will more often than not, be new and exciting topics to add to the varied and extremely capable skill set pharmacists entering aesthetics training will undoubtedly already possess.

4. Build Relationships
Cosmetic practitioners have the opportunity to build solid relationships with their patients through regular treatments and practice. After an initial consultation, you’re able to follow up with patients for repeat procedures every 3-6 months, enabling you to build and maintain a strong professional relationship through years of practice.

5.  Have Your Work Valued
Cosmetic procedures are elective, and all of our practitioners on our level 7 qualification have invested significantly in their aesthetic education and training. Training in aesthetics as a pharmacist gives you a fantastic opportunity to have your expertly performed procedures appreciated, leading to great overall job satisfaction.

Reasons to train with Harley Academy

1.We will support you 
We support our graduates throughout the course and beyond. We are always on hand to provide advice on procedures, products, and careers. Our pharmacist graduates who have undertaken their cosmetic training will be the best placed in the aesthetics industry.

2. Our qualification is fully accredited  
Unlike 1-2 day courses in aesthetics, we are the first in the UK to offer a fully accredited postgraduate qualification (L7Cert) in Injectables (Botox and fillers). As such, our practitioners stand out from practitioners who only have an ‘advanced’ weekend course certificate. 

3. Our course meets government requirements
In 2016, the government released guidelines on qualification requirements for delivery of non-surgical procedures. Our injectables qualification has been designed to meet these requirements, so you won’t have to retrain when aesthetic medicine becomes regulated.

4. We offer clinical experience
By shadowing and being supervised by an experienced aesthetic doctor or nurse, our mentoring scheme allows you to experience what it is really like working in a cosmetic clinic, and how you might build this as a career for yourself.

5. More economical that university
Compared to annual university fees, our qualification is the best value option available to pharmacists wishing to train to the new, postgraduate standard expected in the aesthetics specialty.