Botox® and Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Nurses


Nursing professionals including midwives, nurse prescribers and non-prescribers, are eligible for Botox training, and able to become highly skilled aesthetic practitioners in both botulinum toxins and dermal fillers.

The aesthetics industry faces increasing regulation after the Keogh Review (2013) and new HEE guidelines (2015; 2016). Employment opportunities in cosmetic clinics are increasingly going to nurses and other medical professionals. For nurses, this is good news: your career in aesthetics is protected against changes to the law around who can practice cosmetic procedures.

Harley Academy are the first in the UK to provide nurses with a Level 7 qualification in Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers. Unlike others, this course is based specifically on HEE guidelines, and will allow you to meet the latest recommendations without needing to return to university to study a postgraduate degree.

Our medical training course is tailored to the skillset and needs of nurses who are entering, or already practicing in, the expanding field of aesthetic medicine.

If you want to secure your place at the forefront of aesthetic nursing, start today.

Benefits of Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

1. Earn More
The return on investment in aesthetics training for nurses is probably even greater than you realise. Looking at the calculations:

Let’s say that you dedicate just one day each weekend in which you treat five patients for Botox and fillers:
5 treatments of £500 = £2,500/week, or £10,000/month.

Hence you want to be able to demonstrate to new clients that you are trained to the highest standards with a postgraduate Level 7 qualification. You also want to retain those clients so that they come back. For this, high-quality training essential.

2.  Be free
Cosmetic nursing allows you to choose your own hours, and your own patients.

You can even practice aesthetics in a part-time capacity, whilst keeping your role in the NHS.

3.  Continue professional development
Aesthetics gives nurses the opportunity to gain CPD points. 

Aesthetics training also gives you new clinical skills beyond injectables. The Harley Academy level 7 syllabus contains training in facial anatomy, ageing and health, and psychological assessment for issues such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. These new skills add to a nurse’s repertoire, in a way that can be useful to their career development both inside and outside the NHS.

4. Get to know your patients
Cosmetic nurses have the opportunity to build solid relationship with their patients. Patients are seen one-to-one from consultation through procedure and follow up, and you can see your patients again every 3-6 months for repeat procedures. This means you can enjoy building and maintaining a professional rapport.

5.  Be appreciated
Unlike working in the NHS, cosmetic procedures are elective. This means your fantastic aesthetic results are appreciated.

Reasons to become a cosmetic nurse with Harley Academy

1.We will support you 

We support our graduates throughout the course and beyond. We are always on hand to provide advice on procedures, products, and careers. Our aesthetic nurse graduates will be the best placed in the aesthetics industry.

2. Our qualification is fully accredited  

Unlike 1-2 day courses in aesthetics, we are the first in the UK to offer a fully accredited postgraduate qualification (L7Cert) in Injectables (Botox and fillers). As such, our nurses stand out from practitioners who only have an ‘advanced’ weekend course certificate.

3. Our course meets government requirements
In 2016, the government released guidelines on qualification requirements for delivery of non-surgical procedures. Our injectables qualification has been designed to meet these requirements, so you won’t have to retrain when aesthetic medicine becomes regulated.

4. We offer clinical experience
By shadowing and being supervised by an experienced aesthetic doctor or nurse, our mentoring scheme allows you to experience what it is really like working in a cosmetic clinic, and how you might build this as a career for yourself.

5. More economical that university
Compared to annual university fees, our qualification is the best value option available to nurses wishing to train to the new, postgraduate standard expected in the aesthetics specialty.

Client Reviews

“The course was really good and fun, everyone is lovely and made me feel so relaxed 🙂 would recommend to anyone who hasn’t got any previous experience.”
Charlotte Poole, nurse

““Course was brilliant, really helpful and perfect amount of information and help regarding all aspects of injectable medicine! Thanks guys!”
Francesca Barrett, nurse

“Really pleased I chose Harley Academy for my aesthetic training. The process was made easy by the professionalism of the trainers and the informal approach which put you at ease immediately. I personally felt that the level it was taught was totally what was needed to encourage you as a clinician to actively learn and gain enthusiasm to learn more. I have flourished since this training and would not hesitate to recommend Harley Academy to anyone thinking of taking this specialist training.”
Wendy Hurn, nurse prescriber

“BRILLIANT!! Very informative hands on approachable lecturers, catered for individual learning needs facilitated effective learning using wide range of resources. Good practicals, hands on with products, made to feel relaxed and not nervous, will be completing all my training here from now on!!! Well done thanks so much guys!!!”
Kelly Gregory, nurse

“Very informative course into Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin training with good anatomy and facial assessment teaching. Highly recommended course for medical and nursing professionals new to aesthetics.”
Millie Sinha Radnidge, nurse