Botox® and dermal fillers training courses in Liverpool

Botox® Courses in Liverpool

Botox® and filler training with integrity

Learning to deliver Botox® is increasingly popular with medical professionals in Liverpool and the rest of the UK. It can be a fun process as well as a lucrative career choice, but it’s important to ensure that your training is evidence-based and protects you against changes to the laws around medical aesthetics.

If you’re looking for an aesthetics training course with the integrity and reputation to let you stand out from the rest, our Foundation Day and Level 7 qualification in Botox® and dermal fillers are everything you need to get into — and stay in — the exciting world of aesthetic medicine.

Dentist doctors learning aesthetic medicine

Foundation Training: How to get started in Botox® and dermal fillers

Our foundation training is the best possible introduction to both injectable procedures (“Botox® and dermal fillers”). This one day course covers:

  • In-depth introduction to safe practice and dealing with complications
  • Uniquely unbiased discussion of different toxin and filler brands
  • Lectures on the crucial fundamentals in:
    – Facial anatomy
    – Dermatology & skin ageing

– Botulinum toxins
– Dermal fillers
– Appearance psychology

  • Live demonstrations on patients
  • Small group practice on professional mannequins (1:4)
    – Inject as many times as you like
    – Receive personalised feedback from tutors
  • Facial assessment
    – What is “beauty”?
    – Topology of facial ageing
    –  Forms of wrinkling
  • Advice on how to get started in aesthetics
  • Unique Harley Academy insight into forthcoming regulation of the aesthetics sector
  • Learn how to get onto the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners’ register
  • Q&A

Botox® training in Liverpool: The Facts

  • Billed the ‘Botox capital of the world’, Liverpool is a flourishing hub for aesthetic treatments. Train to the highest national standard and you can be part of the community making Liverpool the capital of aesthetic excellence.
  • You can fit in both aesthetic training and private practice around your clinical day job. Just a couple of days of treating patients will allow you to achieve a return on your investment in training.

Why Harley Academy is the right choice

HEE Part One - meet cosmetic training requirements


Future-proof your Botox® training
With increasing regulation of the aesthetics industry by the JCCP, we make it easy for you to know that your Botox® training course is future-proofed. If you continue to our level 7 course, this is mapped to the Department of Health’s recommended training requirements. This ensures that you achieve a government-regulated qualification that allows you onto the JCCP register.


Tonnes of hands-on practice

With unlimited injections on mannequins during our Foundation Days, you can gain hands-on confidence with procedures before practising on real patients.

You’ll develop even greater confidence and skill if you undertake 1:1 mentoring, which you can do in Liverpool as well as Manchester and other UK locations.

1:1 mentoring will leave you with the confidence and tactile skills you need in order to create the best results for your own patients.


By joining our growing community of over 300 current and former learners who are also motivated by improving patient care, you will gain a support network of the best aesthetic professionals in the UK.

Not only do Harley Academy tutors provide ongoing support after training, but your fellow learners can often teach you things that even we can’t.

Aesthetics with integrity



Reputation is Everything

Aesthetics is a competitive field. Our Level 7 in Injectables earned us a reputation nationwide as a leader in patient safety in aesthetic medicine. By training with us, you demonstrate that you also stand for integrity and evidence-based practice.  


Botox training for doctors

Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine

The Keogh Review (2013) and new HEE guidelines mark the crest of a wave moving toward regulation of cosmetic medicine. They state the standards of education that should be achieved by medical practitioners hoping to enter facial aesthetics. Level 7 training has become the new standard of training in the delivery of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers. As such, Harley Academy specialise in Level 7 training in Liverpool and across the UK.

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