Botox® and Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Doctors

GPs and other doctors are well-positioned to take advantage of a side career in aesthetic medicine by training in Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Prescribing rights enable doctors to practice entirely independently, but are also in high demand in cosmetic clinics.

As the aesthetics industry faces increasing regulation after the Keogh Review (2013) and HEE guidelines (2015; 2016), many of the aesthetic employment opportunities are going to fully trained aesthetic doctors. Current practitioners without medical training require doctors to prescribe botulinum toxins for them, but why not be the one administering it as well? Crucially, doctors are able to provide clinical oversight, in line with HEE requirements, meaning that your career in aesthetics is protected against future changes to regulations in the industry.

Fortunately, doctors no longer have to complete a university master’s degree in aesthetics to practice in line with the latest GMC guidelines. Harley Academy’s Level 7 qualification based specifically on HEE and GMC guidelines for doctors who practice cosmetic interventions. This doctor-led course is tailored to the skillset and needs of doctors entering, or already practicing in, the lucrative field of aesthetic medicine.

Secure your place at the forefront of the aesthetics specialty.

Benefits of Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers for Doctors

1. Earning potential
We all know that aesthetic procedures are a lucrative addition to your monthly income, but the impact could be even greater than you realise. Just one day every weekend where you see five patients for Botox and Dermal fillers could earn you an additional £2,500/week (5 x 500), or £10,000 per month.

To attract and maintain patients, being a doctor helps, and high-quality training is essential.

2.  Independence

If you’ve been wanting more autonomy in your hours and decisions than you currently get in the NHS,  aesthetics provides the ideal outlet for this.

3.  Build new skills
Aesthetics gives doctors the opportunity to use their pre-existing needle skills, build on these, and add lucrative new clinical skills to their repertoire.

4. One-to-one patient time
Not only can you build up a rapport with a client from consultation through procedure and follow up, but you will also get to see these patients again every 3-6 months. A mutually beneficial arrangement that allows doctor much more one-to-one patient time than busy hospital shifts or ten-minute general practice appointments.

5.  Patient Satisfaction
Unlike working in the NHS, cosmetic procedures are elective. Patients actually want these procedures, and it means a lot to them when you give them a fantastic aesthetic result. In aesthetics, doctors can gain an additional reward from their patients’ happiness.

Reasons to become a cosmetic doctor with Harley Academy

1.Fully Accredited  

Unlike 1-2 day courses in aesthetics, we are the first in the UK to offer a fully accredited postgraduate qualification (L7Cert) in Injectables (Botox and fillers). As such, our doctors stand out from practitioners who only have a weekend course certificate.

2. A team of experts
Our qualifications and courses have been designed for doctors by leading cosmetic doctors and academics ­- just take a look at our team.

3. Meets requirements
In 2016, the government released guidelines on qualification requirements for delivery of non-surgical procedures. Our injectables qualification has been designed to meet these requirements, so you won’t have to retrain when aesthetic medicine becomes regulated.

4. Practical experience
By shadowing and being supervised by an experienced aesthetic doctor, our mentoring scheme allows you to experience what it is really like working in a cosmetic clinic, and how to build this as a career for yourself.

5. Value for money
Compared to annual university fees, our qualification is the best value option available to practitioners wishing to train to the new, higher standards expected in the aesthetics specialty.

Client Reviews

“With the entirely comprehensive nature of the course, both theoretical and practical, I felt entirely confident to perform procedures. The staff at Harley Academy are professional and friendly, and are always there for guidance in all aspects of the cosmetic field.
Thanks for your help!”
Dr Nick Charalambous

“Good factual update on anatomy , and processes of facial ageing.
Clear and ordered presentations
Good before and after examples
Good practical sessions and advice
Overall highly recommended”
Dr Andy May

“It has been a pleasure to attend and enjoy the aesthetics course delivered by highly qualified professionals in the field.”
Dr Jorge Zafra

“Fantastic course. Highly professional, approachable, knowledgeable trainers who really understand what is needed to progress in the aesthetic field. Highly recommended.”
Dr Savanna Harrison

Next Avaliable Botox and Dermal Fillers Training Courses

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25th February 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine 
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17th March 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine
24th March 2017  Liverpool  Pall Mall Medical - Liverpool 
2nd April 2017  London  The Royal Society of Medicine 
12th April 2017  Manchester  The Royal Society of Medicine 

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