Botox® and Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Dentists

If you are a dentist who wants to go into aesthetic medicine then you are well-placed to succeed. Not only do you have a plethora of relevant practical experience administering injections to the face and dealing with the complex maxillofacial area, but you are also able to prescribe. This allows you to easily incorporate the popular botulinum toxin procedures into your practice.

The Keogh Review (2013) and new HEE guidelines mark the crest of a wave moving toward regulation of cosmetic medicine. Increasingly, employment opportunities are going to highly-trained cosmetic practitioners who can also provide proper clinical oversight. As a dentist, your career in aesthetics is immune to upcoming regulatory changes around who can practice cosmetic procedures, provided you study to the appropriate level specified in the HEE guidelines. We summarise these here

Harley Academy has built a Level 7 qualification based specifically on HEE guidelines, which allows dentists to meet the latest recommendations without needing to return to university to study a master’s degree.

As a Dentist, why should I train in Botox and dermal fillers?

1. Increased revenue stream
Cosmetic procedures are quick and lucrative.

If you make £500 back from a single Botox and fillers patient, then you can easily see an additional five such patients a week, adding £10,000 to your monthly income.

2.  A simple adjunct to your current practice
You don’t even need to give up your dental work to start a career in aesthetics. Cosmetic procedures can easily be incorporated into your existing dental practice.

You probably even have an existing list of clients to get you started.

3.  Build new skills
Ageing-related dermatology and facial anatomy will add to any dentist’s appreciation of facial aesthetics. This can be useful for cosmetic dental work, as well as pure aesthetics work. 

4. Reliable patients
Unlike dental patients, who may return only annually, cosmetic patients tend to return every 3-6 months to top-up the temporary effects of the toxins and fillers procedures. This creates a stable and loyal patient base, upon which you can only grow.

5.  Patient Satisfaction
There is a lot to be gained on a personal level from a patient’s gratitude following a fantastic aesthetic result.

Reasons Dentists train with Harley Academy

1. We are on hand even after you graduate
Need advice on procedures, products, or careers? Our dedicated tutors support our learners throughout the course, as well as beyond.

2. The only private course that is regulated by Ofqual
Our dentists stand out from practitioners who only have 1-2 day course certificate. This is because we have developed a full postgraduate (Level 7) qualification, which is regulated by the government office for exams and qualifications. 

3. Meets requirements
In 2016, the government released guidelines on qualification requirements for delivery of non-surgical procedures. Our injectables qualification has been designed to meet these requirements, so you won’t have to retrain when aesthetic medicine becomes regulated.

4. Practical experience
By shadowing and being supervised by an experienced aesthetic doctor, real skills are built quickly and safely, and you can rapidly see how you might add the procedures into your schedule.

5. Value for money
Compared to annual university fees, our qualification is the best value option available to nurses wishing to train to the new, postgraduate standard expected in the aesthetics specialty.

Client Reviews

“I am really pleased with the training I have received from Harley Academy, it was just what I was looking for to increase my scope of practice in Facial Aesthetics. The e-Learning provides useful theory that complements well the mentoring days which have helped me to build confidence. I am looking forward to completing the qualification. Thank you!”
Asha Chhaya, Dentist


“Great courses. I have been really impressed and preferable to other courses I have done. Like the set up and back up given so far as really helpful and the calibre of tutors etc is very good. I am looking to upgrade to do the full new qualification with Harley Academy because I have confidence in them.”
Katrina Vincent, Dentist


“Previously I was lacking in confidence, but Dr Vikram’s teaching style is so pleasant and non-threatening, it made it very easy for me to pick up some really valuable skills. In that one day, I made so much progress with my knowledge in facial aesthetics I cannot thank you enough.”
Ash Hussain GDP