Botox® Treatment and Dermal Filler Training Courses for Dentists

Botox® and Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Dentists

If you are a dentist who wants to go into aesthetic medicine then you are well-placed to succeed. You have a plethora of relevant practical experience administering injections to the face and dealing with the complex maxillofacial area. Better still you are also able to prescribe independently, which means you’ll be able to get hold of Botox and other botulinum toxins. 

We know from experience that many dentists want more than just the one-day workshops offered by most Botox® training providers. That’s why we offer a range of Botox®  courses for dentists:

1. Foundation course in Botox® treatment and fillers
The UK’s leading one-day course that equips dentists with everything that they need to kick-start their career in Botox® and fillers. Everybody’s first step into aesthetics will involve a foundation day because they are legally required to gain cosmetic insurance. Read more about the benefits and limitations of foundation training here.

2. Level 7 Qualification in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine
For practitioners who want to meet the latest Health Education England training requirements for delivery of cosmetic procedures. Download these on the HEE website. If you start your Botox® training on our Foundation Day you will receive that cost back if you sign up for the Level 7.

3. Advanced Workshops
For dentists who already have experience in Botox®, but want to learn more procedures or deepen their skills under the close guidance of a leading Harley Street practitioner.

Dentist doctors learning aesthetic medicine

Why do dentists train in Botox® and fillers?

Cosmetic procedures are quick and lucrative.

If you make £500 back from a single Botox® and fillers patient, then you can easily see an additional five such patients a week, adding £10,000 to your monthly income.

You don’t need to give up your dental work to start a career in aesthetics. Cosmetic procedures can easily be incorporated into your existing dental practice.

You probably even have an existing list of prospective clients to get you started.

Ageing-related dermatology and facial anatomy will add to any dentist’s appreciation of facial aesthetics. This can be useful for cosmetic dental work, as well as pure aesthetics work.

Unlike dental patients, who may return only annually, cosmetic patients tend to return every 3-6 months to top-up the temporary effects of the toxins and fillers procedures. This creates a stable and loyal patient base, with whom you can build strong mutually beneficial relationships.

There is a lot to be gained on a personal level from seeing how happy you can make patients with a good cosmetic result. And by combining aesthetic dentistry with facial aesthetics, dentists can create holistic results that few others can.


Reasons Dentists train with Harley Academy

HEE Part One - meet cosmetic training requirements


Meet requirements
In 2016, the government released guidelines on qualification requirements for delivery of non-surgical procedures. Our injectables qualification has been designed to meet these requirements, so you won’t have to retrain when aesthetic medicine becomes regulated. By starting your training with us you know that you can continue to the higher standard and future-proof your career in aesthetics.




We are on hand even after you graduate
Need advice on procedures, products, or careers? Our dedicated tutors and community of over 300 students are here to support you throughout the course and beyond.



Clinical experience
By shadowing and being supervised by an experienced aesthetic doctor, you’ll build real skills quickly and safely. We have been focussed on providing the best clinical mentoring in the industry since day one, and we are proud to have set up an entire nationwide clinic chain exclusively for this purpose.

Learning anatomy opportunitites at HA include primal pictures


Higher Education — from home
Dentists either have the choice of returning to university to complete training in aesthetics or taking a series of expensive one-day courses. We created our level 7 course to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for those wishing to become fully trained aesthetic professionals with just one, comprehensive course. This makes our course the best value and most convenient option available.

Aesthetics with integrity



The only private course that is regulated by Ofqual
Our commitment to safety and higher standard of learning comes through in everything that we do. That is why our foundation day course is like no other, and focuses on evidence-based techniques, safety, and responsible gradated practice from mannequins to real patients. That is why our postgraduate (Level 7) qualification is the first in the UK to be regulated by the government office for exams and qualifications. And that is why our graduates are uniquely employable.

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Level 7 Training for dentists

The Keogh Review (2013) and new HEE guidelines mark the crest of a wave moving toward regulation of cosmetic medicine. Increasingly, employment opportunities are going to highly-trained cosmetic practitioners who can also provide proper clinical oversight. As a dentist, your career in aesthetics is immune to upcoming regulatory changes around who can practice cosmetic procedures, provided you study to the appropriate level specified in the HEE guidelines. We summarize these here.


Harley Academy has built a Level 7 qualification based specifically on HEE guidelines, which allows dentists to meet the latest recommendations without needing to return to university to study a master’s degree.

Level 7 Course Structure

STEP 1: Botox® and dermal fillers Foundation Training Day

Learn both of the most popular procedures in one day. As a standalone course this certificate will allow you to start administering Botox® and dermal fillers privately, in clinics and medispas. If you choose further training you start with Step 2.

Foundation Training will enable you to:

  • Understand the age-related mechanisms of collagen
  • Undertake a thorough assessment of your patient
  • Appreciate the types of dermal fillers available
  • Understand relevant facial anatomy, with an emphasis on vascular anatomy of the face
  • Keep suitable medical records
  • Demonstrate various injection techniques
  • Discuss the indications for dermal fillers
  • Discuss the contraindications for dermal fillers
  • Discuss the complications of Dermal Fillers and appropriate management
  • Areas of clinical practice will include:
    – Nasolabial Folds
    – Lip Augmentation
    – Peri-oral Lines
    – Oral Commissures
    – Discussion of advanced treatments e.g. tear trough fillers

STEP 2: Online learning

Our e-learning has been created by OCB Media, the largest online learning supplier to the NHS.


Online learning features

  • 50-100 hours of university-standard material.
  • Core modules covering the latest medical knowledge in Botulinum Toxin, dermal fillers, skin ageing, dermatology and facial aesthetics.
  • Complementary modules on health and safety, law, policy and ethics.
  • Includes videos, interactive diagrams, and interim assessments.
  • Monitors your learning so you can continuously track your progress, and pick up where you left off.
  • Impartially compares products and brands.
  • Indications and contraindications.
  • CPD accredited (142 hours).

STEP 3: Clinical Mentoring

Our level 7 students shadow and practice dermal filler injections as well as  botulinum toxin treatments in our clinic chain, Harley Academy Clinics. Designed specifically for training, these clinical sessions are all about your learning experience.


Clinical placement features:

  • Real patient consultations
  • Devising treatment plans
  • Injecting patients, often multiple sites per patient, in a way tailored to their individual anatomy
  • Close supervision of an experienced aesthetic doctor
  • Constant feedback during 1:1 mentoring
  • A logbook for recording your reflections for future reference
  • Experience what working in a cosmetic clinic is actually like

We cover all insurance during your clinical mentoring.

STEP 4: Assessment

To achieve your qualification you need to pass the following assessments:

  • A completed logbook of 40 patient treatments
  • A series of 34 short essay questions (100 words to a maximum of 600 words)
  • A one-day Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

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