Neck Treatments and Aesthetics Trends

A recent headline on the British Vogue website declared, “Everything You Need to Know About Jeck Treatments”. Apart from sounding like ‘neck treatments’ it left many an injector scratching their head.

It turns out “jeck treatments” are those that address what refers to as “the fleshy area between the jawline and neck”. This is better known to aesthetic medicine experts as the complex transitional zone of the submental and submandibular regions as they join the neck… and this is a great example of why it’s important to keep up with aesthetics trends.

Keeping up with aesthetics trends

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From the “jeck” to “tweakments”, you need to understand what patients are asking you for, using their language. It’s also helpful to know what type of treatments are in demand as it will help you plan.

By understanding which products or procedures are gaining in popularity, you can adjust your marketing strategy as well as your stock levels. After all, if you know people are looking for a particular treatment, it’s common sense to let them know you offer it! 

In addition to aesthetics industry publications and traditional “beauty” media, social media is a great way of finding out what’s trending with consumers. Instagram is the unofficial social home of aesthetics both for research and for advertising your own services. By following various established practitioners and “skinfluencers” such as Alice Hart-Davis, author of The Tweakments Guide, you will be able to see the treatments people are talking about. 

You can then use this information, alongside the aesthetics trends you are seeing among your own patients, to determine which areas of your practice to promote. This can be simply by posting on your business Instagram page using the relevant hashtags, it doesn’t have to mean promotions that you pay for.

That’s not to say you have to be a slave to trends – timeless, age appropriate beautification is the cornerstone of many aesthetic injectors’ practice. It is more about using these marketing terms to your advantage as a gateway to accessing patients. Once they are in your treatment room, you can consult and express your type of work with shared decision making and informed treatment plans.

Trending jaw and neck treatments

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Coming back to the current vogue for treating the jawline and neck, this is done to address signs of ageing. 

These lines are often worsened by constant use of technology, such as smartphones which require us to tilt our head downwards. Doing so creases the neck, exacerbating any age-related lines from loss of elasticity and bone mass in the jaw. This is why these lines are considered a symptom of “tech neck” and also why treatments to correct these lines are increasingly popular.

Realistic expectations are key with these patients. Both botulinum toxin and soft tissue filler can be used to treat these lower face regions and are particularly effective in a combined approach. 

Fillers can manage bone resorption, plump lines, support ligament laxity and contour. Toxin can be used along the platysmal muscle origins and bands to relax the dynamic muscles, as with the Nefertiti lift.  

Cosmetic dermatology treatments such as skin boosters and microneedling, are also useful for treating the neck. 

Lower face injectables tend to be more forgiving for new injectors compared to lip filler, for example. Therefore, they can be good treatments to build your experience and confidence. So, if you’re looking into aesthetics trends you may be able to use to promote your practice, here’s one you can start with.

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