Appraisals & Revalidation

What is revalidation?

Revalidation is the procedure that all licensed UK doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are required to engage with to establish that they are up to date, fit to practice and able to provide quality care within the scope of their work.

For most medical professionals this is fulfilled by satisfactory annual appraisal.

GMP Framework

Download GMC’s Appraisal & Validation Framework.

What is medical appraisal?

For doctors, the medical appraisal was introduced to the NHS in 2001. It is designed to facilitate doctors with documenting their yearly achievements and challenges, using the process of reflection.  The focus is to drive quality improvement and better patient care in practice.

A doctor’s medical appraisal can be used for three purposes:

  1. To enable doctors to examine their practice and performance in order to validate that they fulfil the principles set out in Good Medical Practice.
  2. To empower doctors to augment the quality of their specialist work by planning development of their professional growth according to their specific needs.
  3. It also may be used to enable doctors to ensure they are working productively in-line with organisation requirements.