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Today, we are thrilled to announce an £8 million investment into Harley Academy from Rockpool Investments.

You can find out more about what this means for the future of our industry-leading aesthetic medicine training in our press release, below.


Rockpool invests £8 million into Harley Academy growth

Taken from a company press release dated 12 February 2024

Harley Academy, the UK’s leading provider of higher education in aesthetic medicine, has reached a significant milestone in its journey.

The medical aesthetics training company has secured a substantial investment of £8 million from Rockpool Investments.

Rockpool is a London-based Private Equity firm known for its strategic investments in high-growth businesses.

This strategic investment represents a crucial turning point for Harley Academy. It empowers the company to accelerate its growth, expand its educational offerings, and solidify its position as a leader in aesthetic medicine education.


This investment from Rockpool will be strategically allocated in the following areas...

Accelerated Growth:

Funding will be directed towards expanding Harley Academy's reach and impact, allowing the company to reach a global audience of aspiring healthcare professionals in medical aesthetics.

Innovative Education:

This investment will be dedicated to advancing and enhancing Harley Academy's curriculum, to provide trainees with the best evidence-based medical education.

Technology Integration:

Harley Academy plans to invest in technology infrastructure to create a market-leading learning experience for its students, including development of the next generation of digital resources.

Talent Development:

The funds will support Harley Academy's efforts to attract the world’s best educators and industry experts, ensuring trainees receive the highest quality aesthetics education and mentorship.

Accelerate our mission to drive up standards

"I am excited to announce this £8 million investment from Rockpool Investments, a testament to the hard work from our team over the years," said Dr. Tristan Mehta, Founder and CEO of Harley Academy. "This partnership will enable us to accelerate our mission of providing exceptional education and training, ultimately driving up standards and patient safety."

Rockpool Investments recognises the tremendous growth opportunity in Harley Academy. "We are excited to partner with Harley Academy as it continues to set new standards in aesthetic medicine education," said Ben Hutchinson, Investment Director at Rockpool Investments. "This investment reflects our confidence in Harley Academy's vision, leadership, and commitment to excellence."