WrittenCoursework: You will complete 34 very short assignments (of 100-500 words). These short answer questions cover each of the core course units: dermatology, principles of treatment, cosmetic psychology, botulinum toxins, and soft tissue fillers.

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs): You will complete eight OSCE stations on your assessment day. These stations also cover dermatology, principles of treatment, cosmetic psychology, and the theory and practise of botulinum toxins and soft tissue fillers.

PracticalYou will complete a portfolio of 40 cases in total. The portfolio is comprised of 20 observed and 20 supervised treatments (completed during ‘Mentoring’). The cases must be evidence of:
10 observed Botulinum Toxin treatments
10 supervised Botulinum Toxin treatments
10 observed soft tissue filler treatments
10 supervised soft tissue filler treatmentsTwo out of the eight OSCE stations (carried out on your Assessment day) are practical demonstrations of your injection skills.




In the interests of ensuring competency and safety, the qualification and associated assessments are not graded. Instead, all assessments can only be passed or failed (within a limited number of attempts).

The portfolio of supervised treatments performed during ‘Mentoring’ is not graded and does not count toward the final percentage grade. Rather, a complete portfolio is a necessary prerequisite for passing the course.



PassMeets a minimum of 60% of significant assessment criteria (available to delegates).No major failures and under 10 minor failures/errors (within 3 attempts)
FailFails to meet 60% of significant assessment criteria.A major failure on any practical assessment or over 10 minor failures/errors in total.