Learn to Be Outstanding

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Our values

From the beginning, Harley Academy has been at the forefront of the aesthetics sector. Our focus on leadership, community and integrity makes us pioneers, not just in educational excellence, such as our hallmark Level 7 Qualification, but in supporting our students to become expert clinicians and confident entrepreneurs who enjoy a rich quality of life and the freedom to create careers that work for them.

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Our mission

Our outstanding contribution doesn’t end there. With the rise of social media and the increasing premium of appearance in modern society, Harley Academy is determined to ensure the entire ecosystem in aesthetics is responsible, accountable and collaborative. All too often, ill-taught practitioners cause harm to their clients and damage to the industry’s reputation. This is why we seek an end to unregulated aesthetic practice through the creation of a regulated standard and a body of practitioners who create dramatic but natural looking results, to the delight of their patients.

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Our community

We represent the UK’s largest body of postgraduate level clinical trainees and highly-trained alumni in aesthetic medicine. The community we are building is one that will drive forward the development of aesthetics across the UK. A major part of this community is our clinic chain, GILD Clinic, which develops and upholds aesthetics best practice, so that this exciting specialty can take its place as a substantial part of the medical landscape, and a valuable contributor to the national economy.