Our Values

A note from our founder

When I first entered the aesthetics speciality, my initial training experience left me feeling under-supported and overwhelmed. I wished for a structured training approach and validation of my decision to enter this fascinating field.

Harley Academy pioneered the Level 7 Qualification – this term was previously relatively unheard of, but has since become a hallmark of quality aesthetics education for Injectables. We have now applied this same approach to Skin Rejuvenation with the development of the Level 4.

At its best, aesthetics is a truly satisfying speciality which significantly improves the quality of life for our patients, whilst providing an unmatched lifestyle to the clinician.

With the rise of social media and the increasing premium of appearance in modern society, Harley Academy is determined to ensure the entire ecosystem in aesthetics is responsible, accountable and collaborative.

Harley Academy graduates are immediately recognisable – drawing from a broad knowledge-base, our clinicians are positioned as experts at the holistic approach to consultation. Undergoing intensive one-to-one mentoring, our graduates are uniquely skilled at delivering drastic but natural results.

Consequently, it is no surprise that the sector’s biggest clinics and medispa chains are eager to employ our alumni. Welcome to the new face of Aesthetic Medicine. Welcome to Harley Academy.

Dr. Tristan Mehta
Founder & CEO


Our ambition is to create a single standard of care in aesthetics, and a community of practitioners confident in their ability to deliver that standard.

Aesthetic medicine is hard work, both while studying and in practice. It also allows opportunities like almost no other field, including the freedom to dictate when you work and potential to form long-term relationships with your patients.

Historically, aesthetic training has not been standardised. Many practitioners feel isolated and inadequately prepared when entering the field.

Harley Academy is designed around the needs of our community of students and professionals. We want every Harley Academy graduate to be prepared to become a leader in aesthetic medicine, collaborate, and to be the voice of evidence-based practice wherever possible.

Our Vision

Our dream is an end to unregulated aesthetic medicine. The current landscape in the UK means that anyone can legally practice (and teach) aesthetic medicine. Dangerous practices can leave patients disfigured or irreversibly blinded.

Harley Academy’s purpose is to help our students be the best practitioners they can be, providing safe, high-quality care for their patients.  We want everyone who performs aesthetic treatments to have been trained to an appropriate standard.

 Our Values


We innovate at every step, and we encourage our students to follow our example:

  • Creating the standards
    Our Level 7 qualification in injectables for aesthetic medicine is the first time that training in botulinum toxins and dermal fillers has been standardised. This qualification is also the first in aesthetic medicine to be regulated by Ofqual, the government’s office of qualifications and examinations.
  • Investing in technology to accelerate positive change
    Online learning is one of the few ways to keep up with the pace of change in aesthetic medicine. We believe that our community deserves the online learning technology to support them throughout their training and beyond.
  • Launching a clinic chain
    We even started Harley Academy Clinics in order to support our learners with one-to-one mentoring.  


As a community of practitioners motivated by the need for transparency and integrity in aesthetics, we recognise that the road to higher standards is paved with collaborations.

  • Over 300 people
    We represent the UK’s largest community of postgraduate level clinical trainees and highly-trained alumni in aesthetic medicine.
  • Collaboration
    We work with clinics from Pall Mall to Courthouse Clinics, suppliers and insurance companies to provide the best advice to our students.
  • Ongoing support
    Even after a Harley Academy learner has graduated they remain part of our community, receive support and get exposure with us behind them in their future endeavours.


  • Evidence-based practice
    The evidence base for much of aesthetic medicine is unusually weak compared to other medical specialities. However, all of our learning has been founded on evidence-based principles. We believe that this gives our learners a foundation on which to build an excellent medical practice.
  • Guidelines
    We stick to and adapt to meet, the latest guidelines. We believe that industry bodies in aesthetics should do the same.  
  • When not to treat
    By throwing our students into a real clinic chain we do not pre-consent our patients for them. This means that they learn when to turn patients away — which gives their private practice the integrity needed across the whole field.