Our Clinics

Harley Academy Clinics provides two functions. The first is a national network of clinics where Harley Academy students are mentored. The second is a hub of experienced trainers and advanced trainees in aesthetic procedures, upon whom patients can rely to provide consistent, high-quality results.

Treatments by Trainees

Our reason why our clinics exist is education, not profit. This means that our patients don’t just receive aesthetic treatments, but are also part of something special. By being part of the teaching process, training clients learn more about the cosmetic procedures that they undergo, and about their own facial anatomy and proportions. All treatments are by qualified medical professionals, under the close supervision of a leading practitioner in those specific procedures.

Treatments by Mentors

When not teaching our graduate students, our team of practitioners provide a standard of care that can be hard to find in aesthetic medicine.  Guided by principles of leadership, integrity and evidence-based practice, Harley Academy mentors provide an ethical choice of a private practitioner for the clients who care about more than just results.

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