Established in 2015 to raise cosmetic medical training to a higher education level, Harley Academy has rapidly grown into the UK’s largest postgraduate training provider in aesthetic medicine. Headquartered in Central London, we also have training centres across London, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham, Hull, and Liverpool.

In 2016 we created the UK’s first nationally recognised Level 7 qualification in injectables for aesthetic medicine. This is the first time that training in botulinum toxins and dermal fillers has been standardised. The course that we designed is also the first to be regulated by Ofqual, the government’s office of qualifications and examinations.

Harley Academy is proud to be leading these changes. By training with us, you are not only meeting the latest Health Education England and GMC guidelines but also helping to eradicate cowboy training courses and set a new, higher standard in aesthetic medicine.



Harley Academy’s purpose is to raise standards in aesthetics.  We want everyone who performs facial injections to have been trained to a Higher Education level. To this end, we created the highest level of qualification in cosmetic procedures available outside of a university.

We look at training as a long-term investment. Our students are committed medical professionals who are driven to succeed in aesthetic medicine.

We don’t just advocate patient safety. We exist for it.


We believe that both patients and practitioners should feel confident in the safety and standards of care.

It is our ambition to make high‐quality medical training available to all aesthetic practitioners.

A practitioner is only as good as their training. We believe in educating to the highest possible standard by focussing on peer-reviewed (rather than industry sponsored) research.

Courses should be forward‐looking. We believe in providing opportunities for growth, learning and continuing professional development far beyond graduation.

We believe in advancing cosmetic practice as a speciality in its own right.